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Finding a Job Told by Gifs

Finding yourself a job shows a sense of responsibility and maturity. No matter what the type of job or the age you are, a job can be hard to find these days. A job hunt is stressful and not the least bit enjoyable. Here are the typical phases every candidate goes through leading up to finding a job.


You go to a friend to be your shoulder to cry on about being broke and not having a job


You start to feel somewhat confident in yourself, but then dwindle at the slightest sign of defeat


You feel overly confident in your resume and abilities and are in denial that you’re unemployed


When you get another email saying you didn’t get the job


And when you finally hear back from someone

I am a freshman at Hofstra University. I am from Long Island, NY and I am a broadcast journalism major. I am an avid photographer, traveler, artist and writer.
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