Fashion Trends to Look Forward to in 2018

The most sought-after trends of 2017 included: athleisure, mixing patterns, mules, crazy 80s glam, the color red, huge bags… it’s almost impossible to list all of them. Just like in art, classic styles and trends reoccur in fashion. If we didn't have knowledgeable fashion influencers (or trend-setters, if you will) who knew how to reform trends from the past, we wouldn't be able to develop and push new boundaries in the fashion world. There's no rule book that says you absolutely must follow trends, but if you're the type of person that likes to keep up with fashion, then by all means, do it.  So, without further ado, here are some trends that are predicted for 2018.


Hats Galore

It’s no secret that hats of all kinds were a huge trend in 2017, but stylists predict that they’re going to stick around for 2018 as well. Hats are great because you can find one for just about any outfit, they almost always make you look just a little bit more sophisticated, and they cover up any bad hair days that you will more than likely experience. Baker boy hats are a personal favorite for me, but I do enjoy a good beret as well – although I personally think that they somehow make my face look even rounder, which I didn’t really think was possible. In the spring and summer, we’ll see a continuation of berets, as well as, some added straw hats and those huge, floppy beach hats that everyone loves to hate. So, forget to wash your hair for a couple days, throw on a hat and you’ll be ready for your day (and you’ll conquer it in the chicest of fashions).


Statement Jewelry

Statement jewelry has never really gone out of style, but it will be seen a lot more in the next year, as proved by its’ uprising in 2017. Jewelry and accessories add to any outfit, and that goes without saying for pieces, such as chunky necklaces. Even on the runways there were shots of models like Gigi Hadid sporting some pretty elaborate jewelry pieces.

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When was the last time you saw a fashion influencer wearing skinny jeans? Culottes are the #1 pant trend happening right now. They’re comfortable, flattering, versatile, and you can find them for fairly cheap prices at most retailers. Wear them to your internship, wear them to class, and hey, wear them to bed if you want. Could we ask for anything more?



Small, Mod Sunglasses

These sunnies will be seen a lot this year. They were already a big trend of summer and fall 2017, and they’re definitely going to be making a comeback in 2018. Celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Millie Bobby Brown are frequently seen wearing these, seeing as they’re incredibly chic. These frames will have you set for spring and summer ’18, so embrace your inner 70's and 80’s chick and get yourself a pair of these sunglasses.

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Belt Bags

When I first saw people wearing these, unironically, I was a little confused and I thought to myself, “That’s not gonna last.” Well, ladies and gentleman, fanny packs are back and better than ever. Designer brands like Gucci, Valentino, and Prada are releasing belt bags, and people are wearing them. So, if you’re looking to jump on this trend, do so now because they’re going to be all the rage in 2018, especially in the spring and summer months when those oversized black-leather totes just won’t do.

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Trends are meant to be a fun way to let your inner fashion blogger shine, so explore the internet and other fashion outlets to see what the best of the best are wearing. If you want to check out even more trends that will appear in 2018, watch some runway shows or subscribe to a fashion magazine, such as Vogue or Elle to get some more inspiration.