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Out of ideas for festive winter dates? Try these affordable and creative winter dates and you’re sure to get into the holiday spirit with your significant other!


Ice skating

Sure, you see this in every christmas movie and it seems super cheesy, but don’t knock it ‘til you try it! Ice skating is super fun, especially in new relationships because it doesn’t require much talking if you barely know the person and therefore makes less awkward moments. Worried about getting cold? Don’t be! All that skating will warm you right up. And if that doesn’t help, get some hot chocolate when you’re done!


Cozy movie night

Sure, movie nights with your S/O are fun year-round but in the winter they’re even better!  Change into pj’s and cozy up under a blanket with some hot cocoa and watch your favorite romantic comedy or a holiday classic.


Enjoy the snow

Did it snow recently? Go out and play in the snow like you’re little kids again. Whether it be sledding, snowball fights, or building a snowman, you’re sure to enjoy a playful date in the snow.


Baking holiday cookies

One of the cutest things to do around the holidays is bake cookies with your date. Not only do you get to work together, but you also get to eat what you make!  Decorating them is the best part, so enjoy! Speaking of decorating, why not make a gingerbread house together?


Make a scrapbook

I’ve you’ve been together awhile and you both are kind of artsy, this is a really cute and fun one.  Make a scrapbook of all the fun things you’ve done so far in your relationship. Be as creative as possible! Or try putting together a photo album instead! Once you’re done, snuggle up together and appreciate your work!


Decorate together

Whether you celebrate Christmas or you just really like winter, decorating your space with your date could be really fun. Bring out your inner Buddy the Elf by hanging paper chains and snowflakes.

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