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Easy Christmas Decorations For Your Dorm

Christmas time is here! One thing I love about the holidays is the beautiful and festive decorations all around. Holiday decor doesn’t have to just be reserved for home, why not incorporate some holiday spirit into your dorm room. Here are some easy Christmas decorations you can make for your room at school!

1. One of the best (and most creative) ways to decorate your dorm is by decorating your door! Cover your door with the wrapping paper of your choice, add some tinsel and bows, and top it off with a festive wreath.

2. Go the simple route and cut out paper snowflakes to scatter throughout your walls.

3. Have any left-over containers or jars? Add some glitter, stickers, and felt to make miniature Christmas characters.

4. If you don’t have room for a Christmas tree in your room, make one out of tinsel and lights instead.

5. Use colored washi tape to make holiday shapes, like reindeers or snowmen.

6. Create a cute wreath by using a hot glue gun to attach a bunch of bows to a cardboard cutout.

7. Use some popsicle sticks and glue to make these adorable snowflakes.

8. Make these cute little snowmen out of old socks, rice, and ribbon.

9. Make these simple and elegant DIY snow globes with a mason jar and a mini tree (which you could find at your local craft store).

10. Have any left-over Halloween decorations? Turn old pumpkin baskets into a snowman with a few coats of new paint.

Have fun decorating, and Happy Holidays!


Paige Strout is a senior journalism major and the Vice President of Hofstra University's Her Campus chapter. Since joining her freshman year, Paige has held the positions of Facebook, Instagram and Instagram Story Editor. She aspires to be an entertainment/fashion writer and hopes to one day become a Spice Girl.
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