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Dorm Room DIY: Fall Wreath

Welcome back to Dorm Room DIY! 

Like I said last week, I love fall. It is a great time of the year and there are so many great fall DIY’s to do! This week I am making an adorable fall wreath to hang on my door! 

Heres what you need: 

– 12″ or 18″ wreath ring (you can purchase these at Walmart, Michael’s or on Amazon)

– 5″ burlap 20 meters long

– Fake Sunflowers

– Fall leaves garland 

– String 

This was super easy and took me a max of 20 minutes to make! 

1. Start by tieing together one end of the burlap and folding it through the innermost part of the circle. 

2. Next, tie the burlap to the actual ring itself. 


3. From there you can push the burlap piece up through the first circle about three inches and repeat for the other two sections. 

 This is what the front will look like after you have pushed three  ‘loops’ through the wire. 

This is what the back should look like. 


4. You can then repeat step three in the same section of wire so it fills it out. 


5. You can move the burlap once it is through the wiring to make it look as scrunched up and as big as you would like it too. 

Here is a back view

You can continue steps three through five until the ring is halfway finished. 

Next, you can add the fall garland. You can start by just folding one end under the back side of the wreath, starting at one end of the burlap and continuing to wrap it around until it reaches the other end of the burlap. 

Once you have the garland wrapped all the way around the bottom and secured on the opposite side, you can add the sunflowers. 

I just simply tied them to the wreath with some string to make sure they stayed in place. 

After you have finished adding the flowers you have finished! You can touch up any spots of burlap that don’t look right and then hang it on your door! 

Another way that you could have done this is by filling the wire part of the wreath completely with burlap and then putting the garland and sunflowers throughout the whole thing rather than just at the bottom. 

Thanks for reading! 


Hannah is currently a junior journalism major and graphic design minor at Hofstra University. She's a small town girl from Vermont who moved to the big city with high hopes and nowhere near enough money. Hannah has a big heart for animals, writing, designing, and Netflix. She is an aspiring journalist who's bucket list includes traveling around the world and working in the magazine industry.
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