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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hofstra chapter.

            Valentine’s Day is approaching fast and aside from the typical gifts of chocolates and roses, this year you want to be different. I don’t blame you, sometimes we want to give our SO something special that you put time, effort and most importantly, love into it. Here’s a list of adorable DIY gifts to make for your special someone.


1. Love Coupon Book

These little books of love are all over Pinterest. It is easy to make a coupon book for anyone on any occasion. For Valentine’s Day you can spice things up a bit and add coupons for things like a free movie date, 10 minute back massage, control of the remote, or something as simple as a “one free wish” coupon.


2. Mood Jar

There are countless ways to use mason jars, and if you’re a DIY nerd, you probably have tons of ideas for them! One great way to use a jar is to fill it with memories you have of your SO. Write them on small pieces of paper and tie them up with ribbons for an added cute touch! Your SO can pick a memory to open whenever they’re needing a little extra pick-me-up.


3. Mission Valentine

Why spend a night out having a romantic dinner when you can have a really fun night completing a mission or scavenger hunt with your beau. Get creative to come up with a great prize at the end of your mission. Check out this super cute idea and try tweaking it to make it your own!


4. Love Maps

Love should be about making memories, exploring and discovering new places together. Try creating a map and pining some of the locations you’ve been together. You can even get crafty and attach pictures. Or try treating the map as a bucket list and pin the places you wish to go to together, some day!


5. Open When… Letters

I created ‘Open When’ letters for my parents when I went away for college. Pretty similar to the mood jar idea, you can create tons of envelops and have your SO open the letters for different moods or occasions. The best part is you can always add to collection!


6. Heart Hand Warmers

This is a neat idea if you live somewhere cold, like New York! Perfect for those chilly mornings or evenings and you don’t have your SO to hold hands with. Here’s a link to a fairly simple DIY. Your SO will always have your heart.


I’ve only listed six ideas out of the countless DIYS you can create or search for online! Whatever you make, I’m sure your significant other will love and cherish it forever. Remember this day is all about showing how much your SO means to you!


Happy DIYing!

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