Desserts You Can Make In Your Dorm

Everyone has a sweet tooth, and sometimes you just have to treat yourself. Since most of the dorm halls have a kitchen, why not make your favorite treats in your dorm? Gather your friends and make these fun desserts!

Chocolate Covered Anything

From strawberries to popcorn to pretzels, chocolate covered anything is amazing. Just simply melt chocolate in a microwave, and dip in whatever you want. Feel free to shake things up by adding fun topping like sprinkles, nuts, or cookie crumbs!

Puppy Chow

No baking required for this recipe! All it takes is a few simple ingredients and a bowl to make this delicious snack.

Mug Cakes

Mug cakes have become pretty popular, and there is no doubt why. To bake, all you need is a microwave, spoon to mix, and your favorite mug.

Chocolate chip cookies

This dessert is super easy. Grab any pre-made cookie dough from a grocery store, place it on a tray, and bake. 

Oreo Truffles

If you love Oreo cookies, then you'll love these truffles. Crush up some cookies, mix them together with cream cheese, and dip in melted chocolate! 

Oreo Truffles (part 2)

Not a chocolate Oreo fan? Try making truffles with vanilla cookies. Follow the same steps, and dip the truffles in white chocolate. Add sprinkles for a funfetti touch!



For this dessert, get a brownie box mix and a disposable baking pan. If you're feeling creative, add something fun to your brownies, like cookie dough or caramel!

Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches

Use pre-made cookie dough to make your cookies, spread your favorite ice cream in the middle, and roll the sides in chocolate chips. Simple and delcious!

Chocolate Pretzels with M&M's

What makes chocolate covered pretzels better? More chocolate! Melt chocolate kisses on top of pretzels, and add an M&M's on top.

Rice Cereal Treats

Add butter, marshmallows, and rice cereal together for this easy dessert that will bring you back to your childhood!


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