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Cute and Easy Rainy Day Do’s

The change of seasons here at Hofstra teaches you to predict the unpredictable. (It seems like seventy and sunny can turn into a mini-monsoon in just a matter of hours!) To ensure you look your cutest while dodging puddles on the academic side of campus, sophomore Johanna Hanchar has designed fast and easy rainy-day hairdo’s. Check the forecast and try any one of these messy-chic looks.

1. 10 minute Headband Braid
-Grab a small section of hair behind the ear close to the base of the neck
-Divide into 3 piece braid
-Repeat on other side of head
-Wrap both braids around the top of the head (like a headband)
-Bobby-pin in place

TIP: This look can be worn with hair up or down.

2. Fast and Fresh Fishtail
-Divide hair into 2 sections
-Take a small piece of hair from the outside of the right section and cross over adding it to the left section
-Take a small piece of hair from the outside of the left section and cross over adding it to the right section
-Repeat until down to the bottom of hair

TIP: Mess it up! It shouldn’t look tight and perfect. The fishtail looks best on textured hair, great for a second day hair look.

3. Inside-out wrap around french braid
-Grab 3 sections of hair from low behind the ear
-As low as possible inside-out french braid the hair around the back of the head
-When you reach the other side of the head continue to braid until all hair is done

TIP: This hairstyle looks best when it’s super low so the braid isn’t hanging mid-air. At the end you can leave it down or throw it in a bun. 

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