Cristina’s ByteOfFashion: Platform shoes

I was walking in New York City and a car slowed down next to me. An elderly woman probably in her 70s rolled down her window. She yelled, “Do your feet hurt, how are you walking around in those!” I looked down at my shoes, smiled, and continued walking. Platform heels are the answer.


I must admit platform shoes have been in style for a couple of years now. I remember being in high school and seeing people in Jeffery Campbell Litas. How the hell were girls walking around in 5-inch heels?

But actually the platforms in shoes are made to give you height without the pain. Thick platforms and heels support the sole of your feet. Thick heels also give you greater stability. Nothing is worse than looking fabulous at a party and fighting against painful heels. It can be embarrassing and you don’t want to be that girl who takes her heels off and goes barefoot.

I’ve been seeing platform shoes of all kinds. Sneakers, boots, heels and sandals! Platform boots are my favorite this fall. Boots are always essential for the fall and adding a platform to them doesn’t hurt. Plus, they’re perfect for walking around campus.

Jeffery Campbell is still #1 for platform shoes but also check out Asos, Missguided, and GoJane.