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Colleen Hoover excites fans with new anticipated release

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hofstra chapter.

Colleen Hoover, fan-favorite romance novelist, has just released her newest book “It Starts With
Us.” The book arrived in stores on October 18, 2022 and has been filling the hearts of readers ever

“I’m a huge fan of Colleen Hoover,” said Taylor White, Hofstra University student and
consistent reader of Hoover’s publishings. “I’ve been waiting for ‘It Starts With Us’ quite literally
since I finished reading ‘It Ends With Us.’”

“It Starts With Us” is the long-awaited sequel of Hoover’s most popular book, “It Ends With Us,”
which sold more than four million copies. Following the love story of Atlas and Lily, two
star-crossed lovers who have waited their whole lives to be together, “It Starts With Us” puts an
end to fans’ speculation. While the closing of “It Ends With Us” finishes with a coincidental
meet-up after Atlas and Lily had gone their separate ways, there was no implication on whether
or not they would end up together.

“I’m interested to see how Colleen can make this love story even better than it already is,” said
Victoria Orozco, Hofstra student and fan of “It Ends With Us.” “My boyfriend and I read ‘It Ends
With Us’ together, and I hope we can do the same with this new book, if reviews are good.”

Hoover has done several Q&As surrounding the release of the book as well as the controversy
surrounding this new adventure for Lily and Atlas.

“I hope readers enjoy this book. It’s not as heavy as the first one, but I wanted to give Lily a
lighter experience,” said Hoover in a Q&A session with ProffesionalBookNerds.com. “I’m not
sure I would have revisited these characters if it weren’t for all the messages I received.”

Reader reviews have been mixed; some enjoy the lighthearted take on a once gut-wrenching love
story, while others wish that the level of intensity remained the same.

“My friends have been giving mixed reviews,” said Sarah Loiza, sophomore at Hofstra
University.. “I loved ‘It Ends With Us,’ so I am still super excited to read this new book. I’m very
excited for Lily and Atlas’s relationship and to read about how it has developed from the first

Loiza has read ten of Hoover’s novels and has been a fan since 2020. “I’ve loved every book of
hers that I’ve read, I know that I’ll love this one just as much, if not more,” she said.

“It Starts With Us” quickly became a number one bestseller around the world, and Barnes &
Nobles store locations felt the heat on release day.

“Tuesdays are a little slow, but every single customer who came in that day was buying ‘It Starts
With Us,’” said Paramus, New Jersey Barnes & Noble sales associate Emily L.

“In the first week we sold over 200 copies,”continued Emily. “Now in the month of November
we’ve sold over 100.”

When entering the Barnes & Nobles franchises, it may be hard for readers to find the new
publication. “We haven’t yet sold out,” said Emily. “Some other sister locations in the area did
sell out though.”

The book can be found in stores at certain locations, and employees say that “trucks were seen
all throughout New York City just transporting books to her pop up event.”

“There’s a lot of hype around Colleen Hoover,” said Emily L. “We have two separate Hoover
stations because everyone comes in looking for her.”

“I heard this second one isn’t as good, so I still haven’t taken the time to read the first,” said
Emily L. “The only one I read was Verity and I definitely understood the hype then.”

Not only has Colleen just elevated the “It Ends With Us” franchise by releasing its sequel, she is
also in the works with Justin Baldoni for the official movie version.

“I’m so passionate about this book and so honored she chose me to help bring it to the world,”
said Justin Baldoni, Jane the Virgin actor and director, on his Instagram.

Colleen Hoover is no stranger to a new book release, and the marketing for “It Starts With Us”
proves her experience. According to her Instagram, she has invested in billboards, trailers on
YouTube, as well as great Barnes and Noble support throughout stores.

“I’m so glad readers asked for this one,” expressed Hoover towards the end of her Q&A.
“Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t have revisited this world.”

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