Celeb Spot: Celeb Photoshop Slips

Despite their pictures already looking flawless, celebrities sometimes feel the need to touch up their physiques for social media. Of course, it is not always the celebs; editors have been scrutinized for over-the-top air-brushing, erasing limbs and deleting body marks such as freckles. Regardless of the case, the public seems to love a good Photoshop fail. Here are a few that will forever represent an epic edit error.

Oops, she did it again

Fans were astonished when photos of the Queen of Pop were recently released for a Kenzo campaign. People accused the photos of being so edited that Britney did not look like Britney, and some even compared the image to Jessica Simpson.



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This was not the first time Spears had been at the center of controversy for an over-edited look. She posted this poolside pic back in 2016, and fans quickly noticed that the pool ledge Spears was laying on was erased and turned into water, where the photo was seemingly edited to give her a slimmer look.


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Blame it on the fan

Another photo that recently circulated the internet is the below snap of Kim Kardashian with an obviously altered background. A before and after comparison showed that both the car in the background and Kim K’s waistline were made smaller. So what did Mrs. Kardashian West do after receiving the backlash? She explained that she reposted the photo from a fan, and that the fan used a mirror effect on the image, which is why the car is so squished.


Seeing double

Rihanna is proud of where she comes from and always returns to the Barbados for its annual Crop Over Festival. She posted this picture of her ornate outfit, which looks perfect at first glance. However, if you look at her thumb on her right hand, you will see that there is another one! No one is complaining here— she rocked the double thumb with confidence.


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Lady long fingers

Grande posted this stunning picture to promote her single “Focus.” Fans noticed something slightly off about this photo, and that is how long her thumb is.


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Not too serious

The Fifth Harmony member posted this photograph of her bandmates and knew there is something wrong with it: she has two right feet! She said, “When you're tryna look cute even tho you got two right feet.” Well, even if she actually had two right feet, she could probably still slay on stage. It’s nice to see her not taking the blooper too seriously, though, and choosing to laugh it off.


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Added curves

The model was trying to show off her curves, but instead she seemed to be showing off some curvy walls behind her. Who knows, maybe she edited the wall more than she edited herself.


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Males make mistakes too

To get some male representation in here, this photograph of John Mayer and his friend circled the internet and had people wondering how he got such smooth skin. Maybe he can recommend the app he used to airbrush his face!


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Sometimes pictures don’t go right—even for celebrities. But sometimes, the edits don’t either.  


Cover photo courtesy of Unsplash.com.