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Campus Celebrity: Manon Braciszewski ‘15


Major, Minor: Broadcast Journalism, Anthropology

Class Standing: Sophomore

What are you involved with on campus?

I’m involved with HaHaHofstra, the stand-up comedy club on campus, She’s the First, which is a national organization that supports girls in third world countries so they are able to get an education and WRHU where I host Rock n’ Roll Oasis and have my own cooking radio segment on the morning show called Manons Kitchen.

Why did you decide to join these and be apart of these on campus?

When I came to campus I wanted to be a part of everything.  I knew I liked making people laugh and so on a whim I decided to join a stand-up competition on campus.  Though I didn’t win it was a nerve-wracking, but thrilling experience and so I joined the stand-up comedy club and decided to work on my material and challenge myself. As a Broadcast Journalism major, WRHU was an amazing opportunity for me to start working towards my future and experiment with the different areas I was interested in.  It gave me a chance to mix my passions with my career in a fun and advanced environment. Even though

I was a part of these clubs, there was still something missing, and I knew I wanted to do more. She’s The First gave me a chance to get involved and start helping people on a larger scale.

You are apart of HaHa Hofstra, why do you think its the importance of making people “laugh”?

The feeling you get when you’re standing in front of a crowd, and that first laugh you get, is indescribable.  After I had tried it once, I was hooked and now I am constantly working on material and pushing myself to experiment with all different things.  HahaHofstra is my family, they were the first club I joined on campus and the comfort and admiration we have for each other is amazing.  I would never take back the experiences I’ve had there and I encourage anyone with an interest to get involved.  Making people laugh is one of the best feelings in the world.  Just the idea that whether or not you tell good jokes can make someone’s night worthwhile puts an amount of pressure and excitement into every performance.

What sort of opportunities have you had that you don’t think you would have received at another school?

Hofstra has all different clubs and ways to advance your career but also has chances to get involved with not only the school but the students.  We are one big community and I feel like there are vast amounts of students here who want to be just as involved that are trying different clubs and meeting new people every day.  I don’t any other campus could give the sense of comfort and opportunity that Hofstra gives me.

What would be your dream job?

To have my own cooking show!  I want to start my career as a food writer and slowly work my way up, infusing my broadcasting background with my love of food.

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