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Breaking down Taylor Swift’s “The Eras Tour” Website

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With Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour starting up, Swift has released a new website: tstheerastour.taylorswift.com. On this website, you can create your own 50-song playlist, all songs of which Swift owns. This unique step of the site shows the importance of ownership in Swift’s musical creations. The color scheme of the racks and the site can be changed by clicking on a photo of Swift from the 10 eras at the top of the site. There is also a cute little hanging rack full of The Eras Tour merch so that you can go ahead and purchase them. It contains new shirts for each era. The shirts feature photos from these iconic albums along with the tour dates. There is even a place on the site where you can go to TikTok to see what is going on under “#TSTheErasTour”. This creates an opportunity to boost engagement with the hashtag and also the publicity for the tour.

Another feature included on the site is one where you can select your show to see information like how long it will be until the date, what the venue is, when the doors open and basically everything you need to know for your show’s date. Once you select your date, it also shows you the openers and lets you click either the Spotify or Apple Music icon to go listen to them. At the very bottom, there is a place for you to link your instagram post with the hashtag to your show. For example, if your show is in Glendale and you included “#GlendaleTSTheErasTour” in your Instagram post, you could submit it on this website. Once it is submitted, it will be shown on the website whenever people look up that show. 

This website is a great example of excellent marketing and PR. It gets people excited and interacting with each other before the tour has even started and will continue to let people get pumped for their own shows. The website can even act as a great look-through of the show once a show is over. Swift’s team did amazing with this website as it has created a space for fans to express their excitement while also getting important information if they are attending a show. By doing this it also creates an easy way for fans to know venues’ policies without having to dig through their websites.

Fans of Swift now have a place to fangirl over her upcoming tour while also getting all the important information they need to make their show(s) a memorable night.

Abby Gibson

Hofstra '26

Abby is a Sophomore majoring in Journalism with a minor in Public Affairs and Public Relations. My interests include books, Christmas and Taylor Swift. I hope to write about entertainment and news!