Body Mod Blog: How to Pull Off an Edgy Hairstyle

Tired of the long, lackluster locks that you’ve been wearing for years. Well hunty, it may be time for a good ol’ makeover. Think of this as your America’s Next Top Model moment, minus Tyra Banks, where you have the chance to give yourself a new style that will change your entire life.  You’re too young to have settled down with a hairstyle for life, especially if you haven’t given yourself a chance to experiment with some of the exotic and trendy chops that the glamorous world of cosmology has to offer. Scared to take the plunge? Take this in to consideration; there are countless beautiful women who rock daring haircuts, from Hallie Berry’s signature pixie to Cassie’s iconic side shave to Miley’s platinum pompadour. Making a big change is intimidating yet it has made these stars stand out and with a little bit of confidence, you too can shine in an unconventional cut. Just make sure that you follow a few simple rules of edgy hairstyle mastery to avoid committing to something you could regret. Who knows? Something bold could speak to your true self and if you regret it, the hair will always grow back.

1.     Do Your Research

Whether it’s investigating the celebrity coifs that you see on the red carpet or analyzing the edgy editorials that you see in the glossy pages of fashion magazines, it is important to know what’s out there. You’d be surprised with the diverse universe of hair possibilities out there and you may come across a cut that you never would have considered. Maybe a modern mullet suites your style or an asymmetrical bob, let Tumblr and Pintrest do the work.

2.     Study Your Face

When changing up your hairstyle, it is important to analyze and adjust your preferences to the shape of your face. Not every hairstyle suits every face shape, yet there is a cut out there made especially for you. Whether your face is round, square, oval, or heart shaped, make sure that you work your angles! Not sure about what shape your face is? Consult a stylist who can pinpoint the best look for you.

3.     Understand Your Hair Type

Ok, so you may not know your face shape but you definitely know your hair type. Just like certain face shapes don’t flatter certain cuts, same goes for hair types. The key is to work with what you got and find a style that fits for you. Although being aware of your hair type shouldn’t stray you away from doing something bold and different, just as long as the style is manageable for your lifestyle.

4.     Recognize the Consequences

It’s extremely important to realize that while your hair will grow back, it may take a while to go back to what you’re used to. So before you make the big chop, think it over a bit. Consider whether or not this is the right decision for your lifestyle (time it takes to style and maintain), your career, and your personality. Don’t let a fad take you over and sleep on your ideas for a few nights before you commit.

5.     Find a Shop that’s Right for You

Make sure that you find a stylist who specialized in the type of hairstyle you desire. This may do a bit of looking around and Instagram is the perfect place to do some window-shopping. Check out new stylists on the gram and find one who suits your preferences. This may mean expanding your price range, but think about investing in quality for a commitment haircut.

6.     Be Brave and Take the Chance

While it is super important to weigh the consequences of daring to try an edgy hairdo, also remember that this time in your life is one of the best opportunities to do something spontaneous. In a few years, you may not be in the position to do something like cut off all of your hair and college is meant for experimentation. What’s holding you back from doing something that you may love?

7.     Adjust Your Style, Need Be

Although this step isn’t necessarily needed, some style adjustment may help take your look to the next level. If your haircut will transition your personal style, consider adjusting your wardrobe accordingly. For example if you’ve always been a bit of a prepster and you’re looking for something a little more punky, pick up some looks that will compliment your fresh coif.