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Blaise Gibson ’14

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hofstra chapter.

Age: 23

Class Standing: Senior

Major: Political Science Minor: Fine Arts

Favorite Food: Peach Cobbler or Pizza…… Actually Pizza with Peach Cobbler on the side

Hobbies: I draw.  I sing; I’m not really that good but I think I can sing a little something.  I sing to the ladies sometimes, serenade them a little bit. And I like working on my cars.

Campus Involvement: Vice President of the Black Student Union and a member of the College Democrats.

My Favorite Feature and Quality: I’m too modest for this….. but I guess I would say my eyes because people compliment me on them. My favorite feature about my self would be that I’m open minded, I like to keep you wondering about me,  and I think beyond the box. (pun intended) 

Feature or Quality I Look For in a Partner: I love a pretty smile and she has to have a walk that commands just enough attention to let you know she’s on a higher platform than the rest.

Ideal Valentine’s Day Date: I’m going to tell you what I’m really doing for Valentine’s Day this year, for a special somebody. I went on Living Social and Groupon, and found these helicopter tours. So we are going on a tour of the Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty and Central Park on a helicopter.  Then we’re going on a cruise that ends with a toast on Liberty Island, in front of the Statue of Liberty. After that, we are going to a little bakery for brunch, since I like breakfast any time of day.  And I’ll get her champagne and chocolate covered strawberries and roses.  And we’ll end it off somewhere else. Maybe a nightcap somewhere, who knows.

If I had $1 million: I would first give some to my mom, so she can pay off her student loans.  Then I would pay off my own student loans.  Then I would invest in some things and buy some houses.  Then I would have to get a phantom, to get driven around in.