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The Best Spooky Movies to Get You in The Halloween Spirit

It is the most spook-tastic time of the year again! Pumpkins are crowded on every front porch, kids are running around with excitement for a candy-filled night, and the creepiest, scariest movies are playing on your TV. Don’t know where to get started with all of those Halloween movies? Here are a few of my favorites to get you in the spooky spirit. 


Coraline finds a secret door in her family’s home that opens up into a universe almost exactly like her own- but better. In this twisted fantasy, young Coraline must choose between the universes. 

This animated film is spooky enough to make anyone feel creepy. I highly recommend you close all doors while watching this film. 

The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas features Jack Skellington- Halloweentown’s adored pumpkin king, who is bored of his usual routine. That is until he finds Christmastown. Full of lights and charm, Skellington plots to take over this quaint little town by kidnapping Santa. 

A Halloween favorite, this film will have you singing “This Is Halloween” as loud as you can all through October. The best thing about this film? You can rewatch it around Christmas to revisit your favorite pumpkin. 


Casper, the titular “oh so friendly ghost”, is a tale about a friendly little apparition who makes himself appear to the new family that moves into his home. Casper falls in love with Kat and attempts to woo her. 

Casper is a classic Halloween film that is sure to make you feel nostalgic. Pop your favorite popcorn and get ready to be transported back in time to meet your favorite ghost all over again. 


When Marnie turns 13, she learns that she is a witch, despite her mother’s efforts to hide it. Marnie’s loving grandmother introduces her to Halloweentown, a town where it is always Halloween and goblins and ghouls run amuck. However, Marnie soon learns that her family is entangled in a fight between good and evil. 

Travel to Hallloweetown with Marnie this Halloween, and rediscover the magic of it all. Of course, don’t forget your broom so you can soar through the skies with her. 



For the audience who is more classically inclined, Beetlejuice is the perfect movie to give you a fright. When Barbra and Adam die in a car accident, they find themselves haunting their old house- that is until an awful family moves in with them. Barbra and Adam invite Beetlejuice into their home to help scare away this unruly family, but Beetlejuice quickly becomes more dangerous than rambunctious. 

Experience the zany and scary adventures of Beetlejuice– but don’t watch it alone. This movie will definitely give you a fright. 


Stephen King’s horror novel turned movie tells the story of a high school girl named Carrie. She endures the taunts and teases of her classmates, leading up until prom night when the popular boy asks her to be his date. Carrie’s supernatural abilities come to fruition that night and everything goes wrong. 

Carrie is a classic tale known by just about everyone. Watch either the original or the remake for a fun night in! 

The Sixth Sense

Written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan, The Sixth Sense features a young boy who can talk to ghosts and his therapist that helps him through this journey. A suspenseful, supernatural tale, The Sixth Sense comes with a surprise ending. 

Add this movie to our list if you are into being tricked. Of course, make sure you have enough blankets to hide from all of the creepy scenes. 

Bonus! The Haunting of Hill House

Although not a movie, The Haunting of Hill House is by far the scariest on this list. The Haunting tells the story of Hill House, a haunted home that ultimately decides the fate of the Crain family who moves in. The ghosts that lived in the house with the family still lurk in shadows of their minds and the home. 

Grab your favorite binge-watching partner and sit down to prepare for this wild ride. The Haunting of Hill House is sure to leave you awake at night. 


Spooky season is here, so it’s time you turn on the TV to watch some of these truly amazing Halloween movies. Don’t forget the popcorn, and don’t turn out the lights. 

Gabriella is a senior Public Relations major and Political Science minor at Hofstra University. She is a member of WRHU 887. FM and Alpha Epsilon Phi. Gabriella would like to work as a lobbyist focusing on educational and women's rights.
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