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Best Place To Get Your Caffeine Fix On Hofstra Campus

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For any college student, midterm season is one of the most stressful times of the semester. With an endless list of assignments to complete, essays to write, presentations to prepare, and late nights staying up studying; knowing where you can get the perfect caffeine fix on campus is key! With Hofstra having three big locations on campus to grab yourself a delicious coffee, the real question is which one will take the crown as the best on campus?

Is it going to be Dunkin’, EInsteins, or Starbucks? To put these restaurant chains to the test I have ordered and tested the following beverage at each location: a cold brew with vanilla and almond milk. Something simple to rate each place on the overall taste of the coffee and its long-lasting energy effect. Let’s get into which location should be put into your schedule as a little pick-me-up when the long hours of studying start to hit you!

Location #3:

Coming in at number three for the best place to get your caffeine fix, Einstein Bros. Bagels. This cold brew is for people who need a good dose of caffeine but also love something a little more sweet. I enjoy the pungent coffee taste when I order a drink. The vanilla in this coffee definitely overpowers the drink and is the most intense flavor you get when you take a sip. With the addition of the almond milk, it makes the coffee even less noticeable… unfortunately. Overall, the taste is delicious, but when ranking the places in order on campus I’d place this coffee at number three because, having a coffee that isn’t too sweet is something I enjoy more. Looking at the energy this drink provided me, it kept me going and helped me through my studying in the evening when I needed the extra boost after class to make sure that I had the most focus. This drink is perfect for people who love a good sweet treat and has the dual purpose of making sure you stay on top of your assignments during this difficult midterm season!

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Location #2:

In second place for the best location to get your caffeine fix on campus, is Dunkin’! This cold brew was definitely better than the one from Einsteins because it was a lot less sweet, which I prefer. The overall taste was pretty delicious, and the vanilla was sweet enough to make the cold brew have some flavor, but not so much that it was the only taste you got when taking a sip. What places this second is the fact that it didn’t give me as much long-lasting energy as the other options. It was better overall with taste and the strong coffee accents that came through when drinking it; however, when looking at the amount of energy it sustained, I would definitely consider one of the other options. It kept me going for a couple of hours, enough to study for a little while, but personally, the other options kept me going for a lot longer. This option is perfect if you want a coffee that isn’t super sweet and provides just enough flavor to make your drink tasty! If you are looking for something that really keeps you awake and going for a while without having to get multiple coffees, this might not be the best choice. But Dunkin” is a great option when it comes to taste and is the perfect spot to go if you want something just to give you a little boost for a shorter amount of time!

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Top location to get your caffeine fix!

Finally the moment you have been waiting for, taking the top spot for the best place to get your caffeine fix on campus is… drum roll please… STARBUCKS! The Starbucks Cold Brew had a strong taste of vanilla that complimented the cold brew but wasn’t too overwhelming or sweet. The cold brew itself also had a strong taste that came through even with the flavoring and almond milk added to it. It wasn’t watered down at all, and by adding just a little almond milk, the taste was still very prominent but didn’t just taste like straight black coffee. Energy-wise, this coffee kept me going for most of the day! I had this coffee around 9:00 a.m., and it gave me pretty consistent energy until around 4:00 p.m., when my classes were coming to a close. However, I was able to go to both of my classes and study during common hour with enough energy to push me through taking notes for classes and preparing for my exams, which is the most important thing I need during this crazy time of year!

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you got this!

Now that you know the best places to get your caffeine fix on Hofstra campus, you are ready to crush your midterm exams! Getting yourself a treat to keep you motivated is important. Any achievement deserves a reward! Even though this time of year is overwhelming and full of obstacles, treating yourself for what you have done so far is a small way to stay happy and ready to take on those tests! These treats taste good and give you the energy you need to keep up all the hard work you are doing this semester! Now that you know the best locations on campus, which one will you choose to be the spot you stop at between classes to get something delicious?

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