The Best Eyebrows for Your Face Shape (& How to Score Them)

As much as we love Lily Collins’s perfect bold brows, we recognize that they aren’t exactly a match made in heaven for every collegiette. The shape of your brow can truly impact the look of your entire face; plus, brows are one of the few facial features that you can manipulate to play up your best features. We consulted with brow experts Melanie Gilliland and Jessica Coba of European Wax Center to find out what it takes to make the perfect brow (and how to score the best looks for your face shape!).

If your face is... round

Tired of being called Baby Face? You’ll be thrilled to have that youthful exterior ten years down the line, but for now, you can give yourself the angles you’re craving just by tweaking your eyebrow shape.

“If you have a round face, an angled brow will help create balance making the face appear less round,” says Gilliland. Tweeze further up into the browline over the outer corners of your eyes for the ultimate angling effect.

If you have... dainty features

Think small nose, smaller eyes and thin or bow-shaped lips. If your features are delicate like these, you want to style your eyebrows accordingly.

“If you have dainty features, you want dainty brows because a bold brow could potentially overpower your face,” explains Coba. Keep the brows thinner and don’t fill in with darker brow powder; the Lily Collins look will just leave you looking like Bert and Ernie.

If you have... bold features

Of course, if you have bold features you need a bold brow to compliment. “Your brows are the main attraction,” says Gilliland, “not a supporting role. Similar tricks may also be used to manipulate the width of the eyes and nose, the length or width of the face, and you can even open up the eye area creating a more youthful look overall.” Be more liberal with your eyebrow powder use and don’t be afraid to let them grow thick; you have the face to handle it!

“Brows are the most underrated facial feature,” says Coba. “People put so much time and attention into their eyes and lips, all along forgetting the impact that their brows have.” Plus, even if you are putting the work in to highlight your eyebrows, you may not be giving them the right treatment—and you’re definitely not giving them the royal treatment.

Lucky for you, Her Campus Hofstra has teamed up with European Wax Center to host a fab “Brow Hour” event on Friday September 19th at the Merrick East and West European Wax Centers, where you’ll be treated to a complimentary brow wax, tasty mocktails and some sweet treats! Don’t forget to RSVP here! See you there, collegiettes! See you there, collegiettes!

Check out this exclusive video for even more tips to score the best eyebrows for you before Brow Hour begins!