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The Best Campus Spots for Comfort Food

What is Comfort Food?

You might be wondering, what is comfort food? How do I tell what comfort food is? Well, comfort food is food that makes you feel good. We like to think of it like this; when people get upset, they’ll eat ice cream. That’s comfort food! 

Being a full-time college student is hard and sometimes, we all just need a little break. There’s the pressure of getting straight A’s in all five (sometimes six) classes, the stress of maintaining good friendships, while trying to make money so we’re not broke college girls. Sometimes, trying to juggle it all becomes too overwhelming, and while we love to eat healthy, we can all use a little comfort food. Who doesn’t love carbs, right? Here our some of our favorite places on campus for that mid-day or late-night pick-me-up. 

Where Can I Find Comfort Food at Hofstra?

First up is HofUSA. When you’re up until one in the morning writing a paper that’s due for class in a few hours, HofUSA is the perfect option for a writing break. HofUSA is a grill-style food establishment on campus with a variety of options- burgers, sandwiches, mac and cheese bites, nachos, shakes- you name it! There is something for everyone at HofUSA! Be sure to try out the funnel cake for dessert; it’s one of our all-time favorites! Just be sure to get there before they close at 2 a.m.

Next up is Einstein’s Bagels, located on the south side of campus in CV Starr. For those of you who aren’t business majors and don’t need to go into CV Starr very often, Einstein’s Bagels will be your new reason to head on over there! To start, there is a wide variety of bagels and bagel toppings. The best part is that the bagels are actually good. This is Long Island after all. You can even grab a dozen, or half a dozen, to bring to your dorm for you and your girls! Other than bagels, they have an array of pastries including chocolate chip cookies, brownies, chocolate chip coffee cake and muffins, just to name a few. However, what really sets Einstein’s apart is their Shmearfuls. A Shmearful is a mini bagel; it’s a circular piece of bread with cream-cheese filling on the inside. You have plenty of flavor choices when it comes to Shmearfuls; some of your choices are asiago, plain, french toast and everything.


                                                        (photo by Tara Evans)


Another option for comfort food on the south side of campus is Bits & Bytes Cafe. Bits is FULL of comfort food, from french toast sticks in the morning, to pasta to burgers to pizza. The food at Bits is some of the better food on campus, so we highly recommned it when you’re looking for something to eat during the busy school week. If you’re worried about eating food that isn’t healthy, you don’t need to worry. All of these options are made to your liking. Instead of getting a burger with bread as a bun, subsitute for lettuce instead. At the pizza station, cauliflower pizza is a great option. If you’re looking for a cheat day though, get that pizza with lots of cheese and that burger with a bun. We support you either way! 

                                                            (Photo by Krista Stucchio)


All in all, you can find comfort food anywhere on campus. Au Bon Pain has chocolate filled croissants that are delicious! The Netherlands Core has chocolate pancakes and bacon that can make any morning better. But HofUSA, Einstein’s Bagels and Bits & Bytes give you a lot of options. 

And don’t feel bad for wanting comfort food.We want comfort food a lot of the time, especially when we’re feeling stressed. If it’s going to make you feel better. then eat the cookie! Order the pasta! Eat those french fries! There’s nothing wrong with needing a little help, and if food is that helping hand for the night, then so be it! 

Marisa is a senior English major at Hofstra University. She loves dancing, writing, and helping others.
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