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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hofstra chapter.

**Warning! Spoilers in this article if you’re not caught up from July 23rd episode! **

Is it just me, or are there some amazing guys on this season of The Bachelorette? So many people have said to me that this is the best group of guys they have ever seen on the show. From the very beginning, there was a mob of impressive guys for Becca Kufrin (this season’s current Bachelorette, and a contestant on the last season of The Bachelor) to choose from. To name only a couple, there was:

Christon, 31, a former Harlem Globetrotter and a really polite guy.

Chris R., 30, a successful sales trainer who opened up and wrote the sweetest song for Becca during their first one-on-one date.

Connor, 25, a (very cute) health coach and former Braves player. 

John, 28, a very successful software engineer with the kindest heart and a passion for baking.

Nick, 27, an attorney who loves brunches, beaches, and would always stick up for Becca.

Not to mention Clay, 30, the professional football player who loves family, and is such a gentle giant. He, unfortunately, was forced to leave due to an injury on the show.

And my personal favorite, Leo, 31, a stuntman and construction worker. He stood out to me for being such a gentleman, a good friend, and just a genuinely nice guy who puts others before himself.

While these guys were great, the drama wasn’t as intense as it has been in past seasons (leaving some fans feeling bored). 

By the time Becca narrowed it down to four guys, it seemed impossible to choose just one. They’re all so amazing!

First, there was Colton, 26, from Denver, CO. He’s a super attractive former pro football player who played pro for three teams until his injury forced him to retire. Then he started running a charity that helps children fighting Cystic Fibrosis. He even took Becca to hang out with some of his favorite kids at the children’s hospital in his hometown. Throughout the season he opened up to Becca and admitted that he’s “saving himself” for the right woman. He’s so perfect it seems unreal! Sadly, on the July 16th episode, Colton was sent home because Becca did not want to string him along.(Photo courtesy of ABC Press)

Next, there’s Jason, 29, from Buffalo, NY. Jason is a very successful banker who comes from a very supportive group of family and friends. During their one-on-one date, Becca surprised Jason by inviting a few of his best friends to hang out with them. His friends boasted about how there is no better guy than Jason, which showed Becca truly how genuine Jason is. Jason is a constant gentleman who also has fun and makes Becca laugh all the time. Plus, as Becca said, he’s a GREAT kisser. Last night’s episode showed how great Jason really is. But sadly, Becca sent him home in the middle of their date, taking him completely by surprise, yet he took it so well. He wished for her happiness and even gave her a scrapbook he made with all the things he loved about her.(Photo courtesy of ABC Press)

That leaves two men left: Garrett and Blake. Garrett, 29, from Reno, Nev. Garrett is a medical sales rep who is an outdoorsman at heart. Garrett stands out for always making Becca laugh and have fun on their dates. He loves being just as goofy as Becca, which makes them a great fit. Plus he is divorced which makes it easy for him to relate to Becca (after Arie proposed then dumped her). At his hometown, they spent the day riding tractors and planting a rose bush. It’s hard not to see that Becca really has strong feelings for Garrett. (Photo courtesy of ABC Press)

Lastly there’s Blake, 28, from Bailey, CO. (He’s my guess on who’s going to win.) Blake is a sales rep in Colorado and a huge romantic. Not only was he a college athlete, but he can also swing dance and has impressed Becca with his dance moves multiple times throughout the season. Becca and Blake always seem to have the best dates (remember the one with Lil Jon?). She always seems so happy around him. She couldn’t stop grinning when she told her gal friends about him. He and Becca seem to have a true connection. He was the first to tell her he is in love with her, and she even told the cameras that the feelings are reciprocated! He also has the same values as Becca. He’s looking for an equal partner and teammate, which is so important to Becca. (Photo courtesy of ABC Press)

So why does Becca get all these great guys? My theory is that The Bachelor producers honestly felt bad for Becca when Arie proposed to her and then dumped her for the runner-up. Although she agreed to be the next Bachelorette, they probably did not want Becca’s heart to be broken again. So instead of finding as many guys as possible to cause drama, they found some great gentlemen that will all respect Becca… Or maybe Becca just got lucky, who knows!

Tune in to ABC at 8 pm next Monday for the Men Tell All special, and don’t forget to watch the finale the week after! 

Amanda is a student at Hofstra University studying public relations with minors in design and radio/tv/film. She loves to dance, paint, and experiment with vegetarian cooking. Amanda loves being involved in her sorority, Alpha Theta Beta, as well as being a volunteer for Big Brothers Big Sisters on campus. Additionally, she loves animals, environmental advocacy, communications, and event planning. (Please note that Her Campus nationals removed photos from articles that existed before 2019 and therefore my original photos are not included for those articles)