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The Benefits of HUHC

I took various Honors classes throughout my high school career, but at first I didn’t even realize that colleges offer Honors programs as well. After reading a bit about Hofstra’s Honors College, I indicated an interest on my application to the school. I was accepted and soon after decided to join, and I’m here to tell you why you should consider doing the same.

College may seem intimidating enough without adding an Honors program to the mix–I know that’s what I was worried about at first. I had no idea how difficult the regular classes would be; why would I sign up to join a program that involved even more work? But I have always been one to push myself when it comes to academics, so I thought: why not?

There are so many advantages to being a part of an Honors program in college. For one, graduating with an Honors degree looks great on a resume: it shows potential employers that you took on more work and did it at an advanced level. It demonstrates that you not only care about doing well, but also that you like to go beyond what is expected of you.

Speaking more specifically to Hofstra’s Honors College, there are also tons of other benefits: you can live in the Honors dorms if you so choose, which can be a great way to meet friends. You may live right down the hall from people you have your Honors classes with, and now you automatically have something in common. Honors College also offers great (usually FREE) field trips throughout each semester, from special museum exhibits in New York City to Broadway musicals (did I mention these are free?). In terms of classes, Hofstra Honors students take at least one Honors Seminar, which is a certain professor’s “dream class” offered one time only on some pretty amazing topics. To give you an example, I am currently taking a seminar called: “The Swinging Sixties and the Permissive Society in British Culture”. Yes, I take an Honors class for which we read a book by John Lennon and watch old British television shows and movies. Only Honors students have the opportunity to take these unique classes (and in the interest of full disclosure: there are actual reading and writing assignments in this class as well. But it definitely isn’t so bad when the reading is about the antics of Rolling Stones or the fashion trends of London).

To apply to Honors College at Hofstra, all you have to do is check a box in the main application indicating that you would like to be considered. If your high school grades aren’t high enough to get you into the program, don’t worry; you can also apply to join the second semester of your freshman year based on your first semester grades. You can also still get an Associates Honors Degree by joining your junior year if you are a transfer student. If you choose to join Honors College, you will have classes and assignments that are very challenging at times. However, all of the benefits that result from that work are definitely worth it in the long run.  

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