Beauty Review: Garnier Fructise

Upon getting what seemed like HUNDREDS of packets of Garnier Fructise's new Volume Extend shampoo for HC National Headquarters, I felt absolutely obligated to try it out and see what the craze was all about. Simply put, I was not disappointed.

I go through many different phases when it comes to haircare. My naturally wavy short blonde hair can be unpredictable at times, to put it lightly. Sometimes I can wake up, put zero product in it and it will look va-va-voom and perfect. (Usually this is for the Sundays that I have absolutely NOTHING planned to show off my good hair day - typical.) Other times, my thick hair loses volume on top by the end of a long day of classes, internships, etc. When you have natural curls and waves like I do, it's not hard for your hair to go flat, especially since the heavy curls weigh it down.

Originally I was obsessed with Pantene. Then I moved on to Herbal Essences, because HELLO that stuff smells amazing. But I was feeling ambitious and decided to give this new Garnier Fructise shampoo a good try. The shampoo really did give me volume! My hair had body throughout the entire day, even as I ran around snowy/windy New York City. It was almost like the shampoo preserved a really good blowout. Also, the shampoo smelled super yummy and every time I shook my head, I got a whiff of the fruity scent.

I think this would be an excellent choice for a shampoo for all different kinds of hair types! We cannot wait to use it in gift bags for future giveaways. Take it from us, and check out this product soon to have the most beautiful hair at Christmas dinner.