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Awkward Situations You’re Bound to Experience in College

We’ve all had our fair share of I wanted to die situations but let’s be real, college is indeed a factory of awkward moments and situations. Even though in the moment of embarrassment we just want to die, after a few days (weeks, months, maybe years?) we are able to talk about them without wanting to bury our faces and disappear. These are some of the situations that either myself, my friends, or all of us together have encountered so far—and they already make for such funny memories.


Walking in on your roommate and her boyfriend.

Let’s face it, when it comes to dorm life, this is the WORST thing that could happen. Topped only by walking in on them…on your bed. If you’re lucky enough, you can just walk right out and wait for things to settle down before entering the room again. If you’re really unlucky, you are talking to your mom at that precise moment and you have to pretend that you didn’t notice. It’d be nice if they left a sock on the doorknob to give you some heads up, not an actual sock though unless you want the whole floor to know about your love life.


When you go out with friends and they get lucky so you get to play the third wheel during the party, then mom afterward.

This will be extremely familiar if you are the shy one of your friends. This is such an uneasy situation because it just makes you feel like crap and is also uncomfortable for your friends. While everyone is trying not to be awkward, the entire situation just gets worse. Once you are done with the party, you walk your friends straight home to ensure they made it back to their rooms safely. What a night!


Drinking way too much, throwing up in front of your friends, and never living it down.

You know those nights when we start drinking and at some point, end up engaging in a shots competition with your friend who has a way higher tolerance than you. Half an hour later your stomach doesn’t too feel good. Ten minutes later you start throwing up out of nowhere. All you want is to go straight to bed. The next morning, even though no one is mad, they just won’t let go of the most shameful moment of your life—and they aren’t likely to do so anytime soon.


When you take care of one of your drunk guy friends, end up falling asleep in their bed, and wake up a couple of hours later cuddling.

Every friend group has that really cute guy in it that you literally just see as a friend. Period. But then he gets drunk and you end up taking care of him. Next thing you know, you’re both super tired and end up falling asleep on his bed. Nothing is worse though than waking up in the middle of the night to find yourselves cuddling. Oops.


Hooking up with someone you shouldn’t have.

It happens to almost all of us at some point. You drank too much and ended up making some pretty bad choices, including the one where you thought it was a good idea to go home with that guy. The experience ended up being pretty unpleasant for both parties making matters even worse. Nothing compares to the flood of embarrassment the morning after brings. It truly has to be one of the most awkward interactions a human being will ever have.


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Ines is an international student from Lisbon, Portugal. She's part of the Hofstra chapter of Her Campus and also a member of the G-board, managing the chapter's Pinterest account. She's majoring in Applied Physics and minoring in Astronomy and Engineering. In her free time, she enjoys reading, watching movies, listening to music and hanging out with her friends. Follow her on Instagram and Snapchat: @inespontees
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