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Alpha Epsilon Pi Hosts Fundraiser For Save A Child’s Heart

On Friday, March 16th, Hofstra University’s chapter of Alpha Epsilon Pi hosted a knockout tournament to raise money for Save A Child’s Heart. The organization, which has repaired the hearts of over 2,800 less-fortunate children in various countries, is one of the seven charities that Alpha Epsilon Pi regularly donates their time and resources to raise money and awareness for. The basketball knockout tournament, which involved a line of players attempting to make a basket before the person in front of them does, therefore “knocking out” their chance at advancing to the next round, was organized by Alpha Epsilon Pi’s PNM’S, or potential new members. 

Grace Gavilanes is a rising junior at Hofstra University majoring in English and Journalism. She hopes to pursue a career in Journalism and, eventually, in English Education. Grace is super driven and has many goals that she is positive will be made into reality. This Queens native enjoys drinking bubble tea and dancing in the rain!
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