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A Recap Of Episodes 6-8 Of The Bachelor!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hofstra chapter.

With only a handful of women left, the next few episodes of The Bachelor were filled with drama and shocking goodbyes. Let’s recap!

Episode Six:

This week, Joey and the remaining ten ladies took a trip to Montreal. The episode began with Joey taking a reflective walk alone through Montreal. Through teary eyes Joey shares, “The last time I really opened up was with Charity. When I think about letting multiple women in, knowing that it might not work out, it holds me back.” 

Meanwhile back at the hotel, Daisy, Katelyn, Kelsey A, Jenn, Rachel, Lexi, Lea, and Jess receive the group date card and learn they’ll be going on a scavenger hunt. As the women and Joey run around Montreal following clues, Jess shares how she’s upset that she still hasn’t gotten a one-on-one date with Joey. Jess isn’t the only one feeling upset, as some of the other ladies feel that Joey has deeper connections with certain women, and this causes some tension going into the cocktail hour. 

During her one-on-one time with Joey, Lexi asks the bachelor about his ideal relationship timeline. Joey shares he’d like to have a two-three year engagement, and then be married a couple of years before having children. Lexi appreciates Joey’s response, but is concerned because she isn’t on the same timeline as him due to her health concerns. 

Jess has her time with Joey next, and shares with Joey that she is falling for him. Joey appreciates her feelings, but tells Jess, “The problem I’m having is that when you feel that you should be able to picture it, and I don’t know why, I just haven’t been able to get there.” Joey kindly tells Jess that she’s not his person and sends her home.

The next day, Joey and Kelsey T have their one-on-one date. The pair find themselves training with the acrobatic athletes at Cirque du Soleil. The trainer explains that it’s important for the two of them to communicate to find the same rhythm. After a lot of spinning around, poor Joey got very dizzy. (Don’t worry though, he was alright!)

Joey’s next one-on-one date was with Maria, and the pair went on a shopping trip. The two go to the Claudette Floyd boutique, and pick out something to wear for the rest of their date. After a successful shopping spree, the couple take a limo to their next destination. In the limo, Maria “tricks” Joey into saying j’taime a few times. (He definitely knew what he was saying!)

Back at the hotel, Lexi is still thinking about her conversation with Joey. Lexi feels Joey and her are on different timing, and decides she needs to have another conversation with the bachelor. Lexi knocks on Joey’s hotel room door, and explains to him that she’d like to talk. Lexi shares her concerns with Joey and explains that she needs to move at a “faster pace,” and completely understands that Joey can’t do that. Lexi says goodbye to Joey and heads home.

At the rose ceremony, Joey sends home Katelyn and Lea.

Episode Seven:

This week, Joey and the remaining six women took a trip to Jasper, Alberta. With this week being the last week before hometowns, Joey explained, “This is a very purposeful week. I’m not taking hometowns lightly.”

Daisy had the first one-on-one date of the week. The pair went for a horseback ride through Jasper. Joey shared that he hoped Daisy would open up about her feelings during their date. After their ride, the pair spent some romantic time in a hot tub. At dinner, Daisy admitted that she’s not in love with Joey yet, but can see a future with him. Joey appreciates her honesty, and gives Daisy a date rose.

At the lodge, Kelsey T, Maria, Rachel, and Jenn, learn they are going on this week’s group date. Jenn is very upset to learn that she’s not getting a one-on-one date, and needs a minute to sort through her feelings. 

For the group date, Joey and the women took a trip to a lumber farm for some outdoor activities. The ladies competed in a “Lumberjack Competition” where the winner gets a trophy. The challenges included archery, log flipping, and chugging elk milk. Kelsey T won the competition and trophy.

During Joey’s confessional, Jenn interrupts him for a “good luck kiss.” The other ladies saw the kiss, and did not like it. At the after-party, Maria shares with Joey that she doesn’t like his relationships with the other women, and she “can’t do it anymore.” Joey reassures Maria how he feels about her, but Maria is still upset and walks out for a bit. She later returns and apologizes.

Joey didn’t enjoy Maria’s scene and explains, “I need someone that’s in it, fully.” Joey explains to the four women that he “needs more time” and won’t be giving out the date rose this week. 

Then it’s time for Kelsey A’s one-on-one date with Joey. The pair spend time together walking around Jasper and then end up at a “Polar Bear Plunge.” Kelsey and Joey jump into the freezing water and share a sweet kiss. The pair later dried off in an outdoor sauna. At dinner, Joey gives Kelsey the date rose.

When it’s time for the rose ceremony, host Jesse Palmer reveals there will be no cocktail party. When Joey enters the room for the rose ceremony, he asks Maria if he can talk to her for a minute, and you guessed it, the women aren’t happy. Joey explains to Maria that he “wants to feel confident that you want to be here.” Maria reassures him, and it’s time for the rose ceremony.

Joey sends Jenn and Kelsey T home, making Daisy, Rachel, Maria, and Kelsey A the final four. 

Episode Eight:

It’s time for hometowns! The first hometown trip is to New Orleans to meet Kelsey’s dad and brothers. Joey gets to look at Kelsey’s photo albums, and sees photos of Kelsey’s mom.

Kelsey’s dad then pulls Joey aside for a conversation. Her dad, Mark, explains that he wants Kelsey with someone  who will protect her and “make her happy.” Joey reassures Mark about his feelings for Kelsey. Mark then talks to Kelsey about her feelings, and she’s emotional as she praises her dad for being “such a good husband” to her late mother. 

The next hometown trip is to California to meet Rachel’s family. Before meeting the family, Rachel gives Joey a rundown on Filipino culture. When Joey meets her family, he fits right in, and Rachel’s family loves it! Rachel’s aunt explained that a suitor who is interested in a family’s daughter, has to eat the ear of the roast pig – and Joey did with no hesitation. 

Rachel’s parents are still a little skeptical about the whole experience. Despite her parents’ hesitation, Rachel still feels good about her relationship with Joey. 

The next hometown is Daisy’s, so Joey takes a trip to Minnesota. Joey meets Daisy on the Christmas tree farm where Daisy grew up, and gets to meet Daisy’s close friends. Joey then meets Daisy’s family. Daisy shares with her family that she was worried no one would date her due to her previous health issues, but Joey has made those fears disappear. 

Daisy sits down with her dad to talk about her fears and feelings for Joey. Daisy’s dad explains, “If you think that you’re falling in love with him… then shoot the shot. It’s not like you’re gonna lose your hearing over it!” Before Joey left, Daisy made sure to tell Joey that she was falling in love with him. Long story short, Joey was happy with her confession. 

The last hometown was a trip to Niagara Falls to meet Maria’s family. Maria apologizes again for her behavior last week and reassures Joey that she is all in, but he still has doubts. 

At Maria’s family’s house, Maria’s dad, Nick, questions Joey about his feelings. Joey asks Nick for his hypothetical blessing and Nick responds, “If I know you’re the guy that she chose, I would have no problems giving you my blessings.” 

We’re now back in Los Angeles for the rose ceremony. Before Joey can give out his roses, Maria asks to steal him for a second. Maria tells Joey she is falling in love with him, but Joey ultimately sends her home.

Kelsey, Daisy, and Rachel are the final three!

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