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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hofstra chapter.

After nearly a year and a half of living through this pandemic, things are finally looking up. Fully vaccinated individuals are finally able to participate in indoor activities with other fully vaccinated people, and the world is slowly beginning to move in the direction towards “normalcy.” While we still recommend listening to official rules and regulations, our members are eagerly looking forward to experiencing this summer in every safe and exciting way. 

Reuniting with Old Friends

“One of my friends just graduated college and I haven’t seen her in literally like 2 years so I’m visiting her when she moves into her new apartment in Pittsburgh! I’m so excited to finally see all the people I haven’t gotten a chance to because of social distancing” -Cassity 

Vaccinated Gatherings

“Having fully vaccinated friends over to my fully vaccinated house!” -Gabby

Making Summer Money

“I’m excited to go back to work at Bath and Body. I get to college shop with my sister and go on a beach vacation with my boyfriend.” -Ariyanna Hrivnak 

Perfecting A Craft

“Practicing roller skating in parks and boardwalks!” -Iman Elshazly 


Soaking Up the Sun

“Going to the beach and getting some sun!!” -Catalina Rosenthal 

Exploring New Places

“I’m really excited to be able to visit my friends from college in their hometowns!!” -Antonia Moffa

Paddleboarding and Public Relations

“I got my first adult job in PR, so I’m super excited to get started and enter my field. I’m also moving home with my parents for a little while who now live on the Jersey Shore, so my paddleboard is calling my name!” -Madie Mento


Completing A Bucket List 

“A close friend of mine came up with the idea to make a summer bucket list that has various activities like “go see a drive in movie” to “get a tattoo,” and other stuff! we worked on the list together and we’re going to try our best to cross everything off!” -Dora Armijos

City Apartment Hunting  

“I’ll be apartment hunting in the city with one of my best friends!” -Katie Pericak

HC Hofstra wishes you a happy and healthy summer break!

Allie is a sophomore Public Relations major with a minor in Drama. Her list of current obsessions includes, but is certainly not limited to; coffee, fashion, pet pictures, and Phoebe Bridgers' entire discography. When she is not singing or playing guitar there is a good chance she can be found at the thrift store or at Trader Joes. Follow her on instagram to see what she is up to outside of Her Campus Hofstra! @alliemillette