9 Feels You Experience Starting Senior Year

None of us are sure how this happened, but senior year is here. It feels like just yesterday we were graduating high school with the excitement of going off the college on the horizon. Then came move-in day and the freedom that came with moving away from our parents. And now, fast forward three years and we started our senior year. Countless homework assignments, internships, frat parties, and minor breakdowns later, we're finally here. Are we happy? Are we sad? —None of us are exactly sure, but there are definitely a lot of feels. 


Realizing all of the "lasts" you're going to experience. Last first day of school, last frat party, last time living with all of your besties in the same location. 


Sitting in class thinking "This is a waste of my time," as you're taught from an outdated textbook how to do things you've been doing at multiple internships.  


Feeling like you need to take advantage of EVERY social event in existence because hello, it's your final year of college. 



Making your last tuition installment payment, until loan payments kick-in, that is. 



When the reality of the real world quickly approaching hits you all at once.



When an "adult" tells you that being drunk at 2 pm on a Sunday will soon be unacceptable behavior.



Feeling like you're falling behind as it seems like ALL of your friends know exactly what they will be doing after graduation.



When someone constantly mentions an exact countdown of how many days are left until graduation.



And finally, just thinking about your college experience as a whole and how it was such an ​amazing four years that you will never forget. Time sure does fly by.