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8 Ways to Empower Yourself For International Women’s Day

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hofstra chapter.

Every day us women go through the suffering tasks of getting ready with little to no recognition and over extending ourselves to better our respective universities with the hope of success.

Every month we encounter what we’ve always been told is a present but rather a PMS package, delivered from Mother Nature herself while society tells us to suck it up and get through the day!

Every year, like any self-proclaimed feminist fed up with these never-ending cycles, I love to have “me” time to relax with a bottle of whatever my understandably gaunt college wallet can afford, and ponder life’s greatest problems. What more appropriate time then a day meant to celebrate womankind around the globe, International Women’s Day.

Observed on March 8, International Women’s Day began as a day for people to show their appreciation, love, and respect for the women in their lives. As a socialist holiday meant to sell the working women, it was eventually blended with consumerist cultures diluting the concept from its original rough salt grain to the beach water of your favorite resort. Thus creating a pseudo-political Valentine’s Day and Mother’s day mishmash.

This day is also worthy of our celebration because it gives fierce woman activists a day to showcase just how badass they are! We all have that one woman we have a crush on because she’s just so cool.

1. Have a Yoga Session!

When you actually give yourself into the process of controlled breathing and stop comparing yourself to your athletic friend who seems to have the poses perfected you will finally be able to give up those oppressing thoughts to feel whole.

2. Have Brunch… With No Regrets

You’ve been counting every calorie and exercising diligently for spring break but one day of loaded waffles, pancakes, eggs, bacon, hash browns and mimosas with friends without regrets isn’t going to deter you from getting fit. A little added sugar may give you the happy endorphins you’ve been craving as well as a full stomach.

3. Dance Like No One’s Watching

It’s a Sunday so I don’t expect you to hit up the local bars and dance with a less-than-deserving stranger. However, I do ask that you take the time out of your day to blast your guilty pleasure throwbacks or pop songs despite your efforts to be beyond the mainstream culture, also known as Tay-Tay Swift who encompasses both categories.

4. Don’t Put on Makeup

For those confident ladies who are willing to spare 15 to 20 minutes out of your day, show the world how truly beautiful you are! So what, you have dark circles from staying up all night, acne from the daily stresses of being a female and a not-so-smooth complexion because you’re not 12 years old anymore…. that is your beauty so don’t let society tell you it isn’t!

5. Take A Nap

Nothing says “I work on my own schedule” than good dreams of your campus cutie and drooling in the comfort of your room rather than in class when he stretches in such a way that makes you forget your first name. *Sigh* You all know who I’m talking about!

6. Watch A Leading Lady Movie

In order to feel empowerment it is key to find strength in other females who have made it in the shark tank of Hollywood AND have gotten noteworthy roles that dominate over males. Go amp up your ego as you watch Sydney White rise above all and J-Law kick ass in The Hunger Games!

7. Read A Book

And I don’t mean Nicholas Sparks. Sur,e he’s great but remember we are trying to empower ourselves today not subject ourselves to crying over the single life due to some unrealistic love story. Read a cultured novel of rebellious women; my personal favorite is Anna Karenina because homegirl defies it all while still being the femme fatale of 19th Century Russia.

8. Play Your Favorite Childhood Game

I know this may seem contradictory because I keep telling you to be the strongest female you can be but everyone, male or female, needs to let out his or her inner child. This will aid in you being expressive, silly, stupid and competitive with your friends despite the fact that life as a leading lady is a difficult everyday task.

I hope you can accomplish all of these goals not just this International Women’s Day but whenever you have the chance! Remember to treat yourself for every small or large victory that comes. For worldwide examples of girls making large movements visit #MakeItHappen and look at these empowering stories of women everywhere making strides for themselves, published on CNN News .

Hofstra '17 Hofstra Chapter Vice President (December '16 - December '17) From a young age Naledi has been obsessed with all things pop culture and entertainment. Through writing for Her Campus she has been able to reach a large audience of badass collegiate women who share her crazy passions as well. Beyond Her Campus Naledi is IN LOVE with Hofstra. Her favorite part? The school of comm for allowing her to branch out and get a real dip into the real world prior to graduating. Additionally Naledi is one of those classic people who studies abroad in the spring of 2016 and won't ever stop talking about it! Her best advice? Go and see the world kids and fall in love with your major like Ali and Noah from the Notebook fell in love with each other.
Rachel is a senior at Hofstra University where she majors in journalism with minors in fine arts photography and creative writing. The Rochester, NY native is involved in several organizations on campus including the Hofstra chapters of Ed2010 and She's the First. She is also an RA in a freshman residence hall. Rachel has interned at College Lifestyles, Cosmopolitan, The Knot Magazine, and is now interning at Us Weekly. She hopes to someday fulfill her dreams of being an editor at a magazine. Until then, she is a dreamer, a wanderlust and a lover of haikus. Follow her on Twitter for silly and sarcastic tidbits @rcrocetti!