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7 Summer Trends That Are Still IN This Semester

Back to school fashion always reflects the exciting trends that developed over the summer that we really are just not ready to let go of yet. Since the weather (for the most part) was still pretty nice for the first week of this fall semester here at Hofstra, we were still seeing shorts and crop tops. I know that I use the first couple weeks left of summer weather to wear the outfits that I couldn’t the past couple of months because all I did was work, and based off of my outfit observations, many girls did the exact same thing. Here are a few trends that are helping us keep summer alive. 

Flowy, Patterned Skirts

Patterned bottoms are always more fun than denim pants and skirts, and recently I have been seeing a lot of flowy skirts with fun florals and other cool designs. Usually made of a light material, the midi skirt, which hits right below the knee, became really popular and came in all sorts of patterns and colors to brighten up your day.

Soft Plaid Print

On the first day of classes, I saw a few girls wearing really cute mini dresses with plaid patterns in softer colors such as baby blue and yellow. Plaid is always a more popular trend, and it took on a new form this summer. Dresses and pants are both being worn in this simple but cute pattern. I think it’s the perfect mixture of summer colors and a fall classic.

Platform Sandals

In the past, I was never really into the platform trend, but this is the first year I have seen platform heels on almost girl. This was the first year I bought myself a pair, and honestly they are super comfortable, and they give a little boost to any ordinary outfit. They were everywhere on campus the first week, but honestly, I wasn’t complaining.

Platform Sneakers

I can easily get behing the platform sandals, but for some reason the raised sneakers were a trend that I would rather leave behind. Despite my opinions though, platform sneakers survived through the summer and are still elevating looks. The biggest fashion trend of this year is just trying to make ourselves look naturally taller.

Mustard Yellow

Yellow is such a bright and summery color, it is expected to make an appearance at the beginning of the fall season. Mustard yellow is also very common this time of year because it fits in with leaf-changing colors. Even though it seems obvious why people bring back mustard yellow every year, I still thought it deserves a mention for looking great with denim and pretty much any pattern.


No matter if they are short or long, overalls can be paired with tube tops and t-shirts and still look really cool. I have always loved overalls, and it seems like every year they get more and more popular, as people realize how many different ways they can be worn. The overall trend takes full force in the summer, but when paired with sweaters and boots, they can be rolled over into the fall.

Animal Print

Animal print is a trend that I thought was very early 2010s, and I didn’t think I would ever be caught in leopard or zebra print again, but this summer changed that for me. It’s a common pattern on many flowy skirts, and it can be easily paired with summer colors to create an intersting contrast.

I always like to say that even if you don’t wear these items that I have deemed trendy, that doesn’t mean you don’t know how to style your own clothes. Everyone has their own personal style, but it’s always interesting to see the sorts of things that many people often wear. Don’t be afraid to break these trends, but if you are feeling nostaglic for summer 2019, these seven pieces will help you reminicse, but still start preparing for the fall.

All images from the Instagrams of American Eagle, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, and DSW

I am currently a Journalism Major at Hofstra University with a minor in Creative Writing. I am originally from Pittsburgh, PA, and my dream is to work for a fashion magazine in New York City (basically I want a life like "The Devil Wears Prada"). My interests include fashion, binge watching movies illegally on the internet, and working out every other week or so.
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