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7 Steps To Flying Home From College

Ahh Spring Break, the time when many decide to take a break from college and go home to visit their families. Although being reunited with loved ones is great and all, having to travel there—not so much. Plus, traveling, not to mention flying, just adds extra stress to an already stressful time around midterms. Here are seven emotions every long distance traveler feels when the ~struggle~ is just too real.


Finding Flights

If you’re someone like me who likes to be ahead of the game, this can be one of the biggest struggles. Some teachers choose to not follow the university class schedule so you don’t know exactly when to plan your flight. Between trying to find a good time to leave so there is no traffic getting there or once you arrive, and finding the cheapest ticket, it seems as though you will need an algorithm in order to find the best option for you.



Having to pack enough clothes for the break seems like a challenge when you don’t even know what you’re wearing the next day. You debate whether or not to bring those heels back but you know if you don’t, you’ll most likely regret it. Plus, how many pairs of socks does one actually need!? You know you overpacked but you’re just going to go with it. Hey, at least you’ll be extra prepared if something comes up while you’re home.


Getting to the Airport

You planned it out to the T, from the directions to the terminal, so that you have exactly two hours once you arrive at the airport. A little piece of you dies every time you see cars stop on the parkway. Why is there always so much traffic? Where are all of these people going? Oh yeah—probably to the airport, just like you.


Going Through Security

Not having TSA Pre-Check (Definitely worth the $84 if you fly home a lot) can be a real bummer because that means having to wait in line with everyone else, and wait times can be up to an hour if it’s high traffic time. Plus, making sure you follow all of the TSA regulations: liquids in a bag, laptop out, jacket and shoes off; can be a little stressful. As soon as you make it through security with no problems, you know you can breathe a sigh of relief.


Getting Luggage to Fit on the Plane

If only all carry on luggage fit the same. You swear your luggage fits in the overhead storage but the flight attendant is saying otherwise. You never really realize how heavy your luggage is until you’re trying to lift it up and you don’t have the strength to. Let’s hope there’s a cute boy nearby that is willing to help. That would be a great start to Spring Break, am I right?


While on the Plane

Whether the flight is three hours long or international, your time on the plane is just one big waiting game. You thought having the window seat will help by being able to see all of the pretty views, until you have to go to the bathroom and need to bother the passengers next to you to get up. You’re lucky if there is no turbulence or a crying baby because all you really want to do is get some sleep to make the time go by faster. If the flight attendants are nice, then that’s always that bonus. And at least there are snacks, right?


Finally Getting Home

When you finally make it and oh does it feel good! As you lay on the couch and cuddle with your pets, you realize that although the travel experience was a tough one, it was all worth it. You couldn’t feel more at peace with yourself now that you’re home. You’re ready to enjoy your time with your family and relax, because that is what breaks from school are all about!

Originally from Southern California and now living on Long Island! I am a self-declared sushi addict who enjoys good music and good people x (p.s. if anyone knows how to survive an east coast winter, please let me know!!)
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