7 Reasons to Read ON THE COME UP

Are you looking for a new book? On The Come Up was released on February 5th and it's that book that once you have in your hands, you won't be able to put it down. If you heard of it and if you're unsure if you want to read it, these are seven great reasons for you to make this your next read. If you haven't heard of it and are just a bit curious, this list is perfect for you!

1. It’s Angie Thomas’s Second Book!



Angie Thomas is a NYT bestselling author for The Hate U Give and On The Come Up, an utter QUEEN and an inspiration to us all. Not only is Angie Thomas fabulous, she is literally one of the greatest influencers of our time, changing the world with each word she writes. (I swear I’m very unbiased).

2. On The Come Up is Already a NYT Bestseller



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On The Come Up has surpassed The Hate U Give on The New York Times bestselling list. Also, to attest to the awesomeness of Angie Thomas, The Hate U Give has been on the NYT bestsellers list for Young Adult Hardcover books for 102 weeks. A HUNDRED AND TWO WEEKS. In two weeks, The Hate U Give will have graced the list for two years.

3. The Main Character, BRI, is BRI-LLIANT



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I may have stolen that line from Aunt Pooh, Bri’s aunt, but it’s true. Bri says what’s on her mind, not letting anyone stop her as she goes about her day, with a family who really just wants to see her be successful, a mother like Jay who’s pulling for her to go to college, and an Aunt Pooh, who’s helping her achieve her dreams of being a rapper. 

4. Bri Has Some Killer Raps



Angie Thomas wrote all of the raps in the book. From the tear down of Milez at The Ring to the Ten Snack Commandments (based off of The Notorious B.I.G.’s “Ten Crack Commandments”), Angie Thomas serves up raps just like she serves up awesome stories. And if you ever doubted her awesomeness, and I know you didn’t but if you did, she’s even been convinced to perform some of the raps she wrote on her national book tour.



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5. The Movie Rights Have Already Been Bought



The day before On The Come Up was even released, Fox bought the rights to adapt the novel into a movie, bringing George Tillman Jr. back on as a director. To make it even better, Angie Thomas is going to be a producer for the film! So, of course it’s always better to read the book before the movie. And once you read it, you can begin curating the list of people you want to see playing Bri.

I am personally pulling for Dominique Fishback to play Bri. She has previously played Kenya in The Hate U Give and as Angel in Night Comes On, but she’s one of the most impressive people ever. If you need proof of her awesomeness, watch this video of Dominique Fishback doing a reading of On The Come Up at Angie Thomas’s first tour stop in New York City.



6. On The Come Up Takes Place In Garden Heights



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We get to go back to Garden Heights with this new book. Though we don’t get to see Starr and everyone we knew from The Hate U Give, we do get to see what has happened to Garden Heights since the riots through a new pair of eyes, one that experienced it without being a part of it.

7. It’s Culturally Relevant!

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For me, this book might be one of the most relevant on 2019. Though Bri’s life doesn’t become a national news story like Starr’s, she experiences a life that most Americans have to deal with. By watching her family try to pay their bills, going through their daily struggles, she immediately becomes more relatable to every reader on a more grounded level. Bri is more honest and doesn’t hold back her voice when she experiences sexism in the hip hop industry, when the security guards at her school specifically target her and other students for being black or Latinx. On The Come Up is ready to address similar issues like The Hate U Give did, but also addresses the same struggles that many people experience on a day to day basis.