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6 Vegetarian Alternatives That Are Good and Good For You

While you may not be able to give up some types of food, there are some alternatives that taste like their counterpart. Not to mention, they are great for your health and taste amazing. 

Tired of chicken? Try chik’n for something new.

While chicken can be cooked any way, there is a better and healthier alternative: chik’n. Chik’n is a plant-based soy nugget that tastes similar to its chicken counterpart. Chick’n is offered in only a few stores such as Whole Foods and comes in many flavors. One flavor, which would be good for anyone who wants to try it, is the crispy orange chik’n. Much like the honey garlic chicken from Chinese restaurants, the sauce is an almost honey flavor. When trying to find this item, make sure to go to the deli instead of buying it in the frozen section because the frozen ones don’t taste as great.

Organic doesn’t mean horrible. Annie’s Organic Pancake and Waffle mix is an example.
Christin Urso / Spoon

People assume when something is organic, it tastes bad. For Annie’s mix, this is not the case. The best part about this alternative is it’s just organic. Unlike some of the other listed alternatives, it’s substituting meat for a type of soy. Annie’s Organic Pancake and Waffle mix are super delicious and easy to make while giving you a healthier lifestyle.

Forget meatballs. These vegan meatballs have a kick while staying healthy.

Even though meatballs with spaghetti are an original classic, there are some vegan meatballs, which taste identical to their counterpart. The vegan meatballs are also offered at Whole Foods, but considering the vegan lifestyle is on the rise, you can most likely find them at other stores. The general tso vegan meatballs at Whole Foods are plant-based and provide a kick for your taste buds. For those who may not like their food too spicy, a good recommendation to dial back the spiciness of these meatballs is to pair it with some goat cheese.

Ditch potato chips for seaweed snacks.

Instead of grabbing potato chips to accompany you as you watch a movie, try seaweed snacks. The roasted seaweed snacks not only come in a multitude of flavors ranging from Sriracha to salt but are also organic. Sometimes we don’t crave potato chips and just need something to munch on while we watch television. The seaweed snacks satisfy that need to eat something, while getting rid of a junk food and switching it for something healthier.

Toss out store-bought artificial cookies for Alyssa’s Healthy Vegan Bites.

Vegan never sounds good, but these bites are great if you want to switch out always buying store-bought cookies. They taste like pieces of oats and have pieces of dried fruit. Even if you have a hankering for something sweet, these vegan bites can still satisfy that craving since the dried fruits offer a sweet taste.

Say no to red meat and try the new and improved Beyond Burger.

The Beyond Burger has been on the rise since it was introduced. Some restaurants are adding them to their menu to attract vegetarian lovers. The best Beyond Burger is by the Beyond Meat brand. Containing no soy, gluten and red meat, their Beyond Burger actually tastes like meat and provides a better alternative. Don’t be fooled by a Beyond Burger who isn’t part of the Beyond Meat brand because they will make you forget ditching burgers. As for the Beyond Meat Beyond Burger, you will question how they made it to be so similar and may have found a new burger to binge on.

Whether it’s changing your routine of buying cookies or snacking on seaweed chips, these alternatives are proof you can change your lifestyle to a healthier one without giving up the foods you truly love. Hopefully, these alternatives can improve your range of foods and may encourage you to delve into the unknown when it comes to finding new food options. 

Sabrina Blandon is a English-Children's and Young Adult Literature major with a minor in journalism. In addition to Her Campus, she is a staff writer for the Chronicle, the student-run newspaper at Hofstra. She's also secretary of the Hofstra English Society. She's consumes books like they're oxygen and annotates fairly well.
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