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6 Things to Do When Single on Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of the year again! As the biggest Hallmark holiday of the year is just around the corner, us single girls tend to start freaking out on how to spend the special day. It seems as if the only thing we ever to look forward to is the clearance chocolate that comes on February 15th. Have no fear! Here’s a single ladies’ guide to Valentines Day.



1. Sip and Swipe

Grab your best friend, a bottle of Rosé, your phone, and get ready for the best night yet. Sip on bubbly, wine, or whatever your drink of choice is while you spend the night swiping left and right on whatever dating app(s) you choose. You and your BFF will have a blast spending night laughing over whatever sweet (or downright creepy) messages your virtual Prince Charmings send your way.

2. Dinner

Whether it’s with your roommate, classmate, or any other lonely random you can get to hangout with you, try prepping and cooking a meal together. It may not be the same as being wined and dined or given chocolates or a teddy bear, but your presence is a present …right? Anyways, you’re going to have to work on perfecting your “wifey” skills sometime.

3. Netflix and Chill

While it may not be with the (not so) man of your dreams, you can still spend your night doing what seems to be everyone’s favorite pastime. Try spicing it up by throwing on a face mask, or painting your nails, while you watch Mean Girls for about the 600th time.

4. Retail Therapy

Whether you’re happy or upset to be spending V-Day alone, there’s nothing better than some retail therapy.  Spend the night shopping for makeup, shoes, accessories, clothes, and whatever else your heart desires for when Mr. Right does roll around. For an added bonus, head over to Sephora and utilize all of their free samples to create your perfect date looks for the future.

5. Craft

I’m not sure what it is, but something about crafting seems to just make everything better. Painting wine glasses, scrap booking, tie- dying, or making collages are just some of the many options that can be both relaxing and exciting. Not only is it a fun way to spend the night, whether it’s alone or with friends, but you also get something out of it! In the end, what’s dinner and movie really giving you?

6. Ladies’ Night

When there isn’t a guy in the picture, what’s a better way to spend the night than with your girlfriends? As Carrie Bradshaw once said, maybe our girlfriends are our soul mates and guys are just people to have fun with. Hit the bar or the club with the girls and soak up every second of being single!

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