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Amelia Kramer-Girl Wearing Glasses Sipping Coffee
Amelia Kramer-Girl Wearing Glasses Sipping Coffee
Amelia Kramer / Her Campus

6 Coffee Alternatives, Because Caffeine Addiction Isn’t Cute

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hofstra chapter.

With the first semester in full swing, students need pick-me-ups to power through their classes. Many people go to Starbucks to get their caffeine fix. However, there are better alternatives out there than getting hooked on a drink that can lead to caffeine addiction. These substitutes will fix your need to stay awake in classes while offering a healthier alternative.


There is a tea out there for everyone! Whether you’re a matcha fan or consider chamomile to be your friend, teas are a great alternative to coffee. They have less caffeine than coffee while offering more. Studies have shown teas help with cancer, heart disease and diabetes.  What better way to kick off the semester with a new drink routine that offers more health benefits?

Hot Lipton Tea In A Mug
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cold water

Sometimes, people turn to coffee just because they need to stay awake in class. You’d be surprised how often a swish of freezing cold water will perk you up! This alternative offers no caffeine addiction concerns and is a great way to stay hydrated as you continue your day.


Besides their coffees, Starbucks offer a great line of refresher drinks. If you still need a caffeine fix, some of their drinks such as their Pink Drink offer 45mg of caffeine as opposed to the more than 100 mg of caffeine found in their lattes. Refreshers are a great source to satisfy the sweet tooth cravings just before classes. If you’re not a Starbucks fan, there are also refreshers found in everyday life such as iced teas and lemonades that offer a great coffee alternative.

Fruity Drinks
Breanna Coon / Her Campus
smoothies or frappucinos

Smoothies are a great source of fiber and provide a nutritional balance of fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals.  Some smoothies may have more sugar if they’re made with fruit juice, so it depends which smoothie you get if you have a specific desire. As a coffee alternative, they are an excellent way to cut back on caffeine while earning more vitamins. Like smoothies, Starbucks offers a range of crème frappuccino that don’t have coffee but need to be monitored since there is a risk of consuming too much sugar.


It’s found in drinks, food and even makes a great snack! Dark chocolate does contain a small amount of caffeine and it has some health benefits. Dark chocolate is very nutritious, is a powerful source of antioxidants, can improve blood flow, can lower blood pressure and can even reduce heart disease risk. Eating chocolate before class will wake you up and remind you that you’re actually helping your body thanks to all the health benefits it offers. Of course, with anything, consume with moderation because eating too much can lead to raised sugar levels.

Chocolate Chips
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natural juices

There are many natural juices that are a great way to be used as a coffee alternative. There’s the standard orange juice and even natural kale blends that offer health benefits while getting rid of a caffeine addiction. Many juice blogs show ways to drink the best natural juices that aren’t overdosed with sugar. There are exotic juices such as beet juice that “contain nutrients that may help lower your blood pressure.” Even a natural apple juice can help fight “inflammation and heart health.”  

Orange Juice Pour
Jocelyn Hsu / Spoon

Hopefully these alternatives for coffee will give a better understanding of finding something to replace the drink that can lead to caffeine addiction. There are lots of ways to substitute a drinking habit that could lead to a bad lifestyle. Even though classes require time and energy, it’s always important to think about your health. Good luck with studying and happy drinking!

Sabrina Blandon is an American Literature major at NYU's CAS. Her Author Spotlight series features reputable writers such as Xiran Jay Zhao and James Murray, as she hopes to add onto the list.