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The word “aesthetic” can be used as both an adjective and a noun. Throughout the world of social media including Instagram, Pinterest, VSCO and Tik Tok, ‘aesthetic’ is used to describe one’s style, both personal and visual, theme and overall their cohesive feel. How an individual interchangeably describes their aesthetic could be through their outfits, music taste or anything that speaks to them. Having an aesthetic is a fun and easy way to express yourself, especially as young adults trying to find their identity. Trying to find your true aesthetic could be a lengthy and confusing process. So, instead of struggling on where to begin, here is a list of steps to take in order simplify the process!

Rediscover Your True Self + Passions 

The first step in finding one’s true aesthetic is to rediscover yourself! The best way to begin is by writing down anything that you best believe describes you. This can range from your likes or dislikes to fashion icons, quotes, personalities and most importantly anything you want to associate with. 

Also make sure you ask yourself personal questions such as:

– “What do you love about yourself?” 

-“How do you want people to feel around you?”

– “What does your ideal day look like?” 

Create a Mood Board

Before scrolling aimlessly through Pinterest, I would recommend writing down a list of aesthetics. Scrolling through Pinterest and pinning images that speak to you is a good start on creating a personal mood board. 

Here is a list of what to look for:

– What clothes, outfits, accessories are you drawn to? 

– Colors that speak to your soul 

– How you want to live your ideal lifestyle- dream house, places you would like to travel too, new hobbies or activities you want to try 

– Quotes that represent how you want to feel

Take Quizzes 

*This is just for fun* 

Buzzfeed has created a ton of quizzes to help an individual find their ‘true aesthetic’, have fun! Most of the quizzes are based on the same questions, try to see if you come across the same answers. 

Fun quizzes to try!





Experiment with Outfits 

After pinning and creating your mood board, the next step is to find the clothes you actually want to wear! Most people are recognized for their aesthetic through their fashion sense, fashion is known to be one of the best ways to freely express oneself. To stay safe during COVID-19, look up sustainable shops based on your aesthetic. Go wild! 

Don’t Limit Yourself! 

Most people believe that once you pick an aesthetic that you MUST stick to it, that is not true! Life is all about change and having the ability to broaden your horizons whenever you please makes the process a lot more fun. 

 Also, don’t stress about the latest fashion trends- they will always be changing! Stick to what fully speaks out to you. 

Savanna Perry

Hofstra '24

Savanna is a freshman Journalism major at Hofstra. She loves to drink coffee along with editing vlogs on the side!