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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hofstra chapter.

We are so ready for 2021, and spring has proven to be the beginning of a new year of exciting new trends! We should all be leaving 2020 in the past, and maybe even trying something new and fun this year. New trends range from fashion, beauty, wellness and food. There’s countless trends happening right now, so here are some that caught our attention lately.

Super Cute Winter Jackets

First on our list of spring trends you need to try are cute winter jackets. This winter was super cold, and spring will be the same. Why not make it fashionable? Our top picks for winter coat brands are The North Face, Nike and Under Armour.

Recycled Material Clothing


Next on our list is shopping more sustainably for the environment. Nike has exceeded our expectations for 2021 already, creating a sustainability collection of clothing made of recycled materials. Not only are these clothes reducing material waste, they are also super cute. Items included in this collection are sneakers, jackets and various shirts. You can also shop from local thrift stores or from recycled clothing small businesses.

At-Home Coffee

The COVID-19 pandemic is still happening, so it’s very important that we are as careful as ever when it comes to going out. Making coffee from home has taken social media by storm, with millions of videos of homemade recipes being posted to sites like TikTok or Instagram. We love this idea, and there’s many ways to customize your drinks. A new trending product is a milk frother, which lets you add a foamy texture to any coffee. In addition, you can pick up coffee beans, while supporting your local coffee shops.

Mask-Proof Lipstick

When it comes to beauty, we have been amazed by the amount of new product launches lately. One that’s been very popular is the Shine Loud Lipstick by NYX Cosmetics. You may have seen it on TikTok, where social media has been amazed that this product will not budge, no matter how much you try to. We love having a reliable product where you can enjoy food, drinks and mask wearing without worrying about your lipstick smudging.

Customized Sneakers

Finally, we have a trend that can be DIY, or you can purchase it and support small businesses. Customizing sneakers has become popular once again, with Nike Air Force 1’s being the most common. You can add color block designs, or something else such as flowers to make your shoes more personal. 

While these are our favorite trends currently, there’s so many more out there to explore and make 2021 your year of self-care and happiness.

A commuter student residing right next to Hofstra University, Allie is a Forensic Science major graduating in winter '22! Her favorite thing to do is listen to music or stay home and read comic books.