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5 Outdoor Study Corners on Campus for this Warm Weather

April showers bring May flowers...and finals. That’s right! Finals season is approaching, and the library can fill up pretty quickly with stressed students trying to study and finish final projects at the last minute. So, where are the places on campus you can go to study and also avoid the nerve-racking energy of your peers?

Sensory Garden

A go-to serene space, the sensory garden is a great area to read over those chapters and highlight those key points for the final next week. Plus, you can hang out with the fish in the koi pond the whole time!


While this isn’t its official name, the area next to the Spiegel Theater is a beautiful place to study. The trees give you cool, shady spots to set up a picnic blanket and review all the material from the zoom lectures this past semester.

The Garden of Ellie

This spot is definitely more under the radar, and there aren’t a lot of people around this area by the time most classes are done, making it the perfect golden hour study space. It’s located right next to Joseph G. Shapiro Family Hall, and there’s something about the energy here that calms your nerves even when you feel you are at your most stressed out.

The Shakespeare Garden

Located next to the Adams Playhouse, this little space is great for all you English and drama majors to get inspiration from the Bard himself while studying for those finals. It’s also a great people-watching spot for study breaks, so you’ll be entertained too!

Student Center Gazebo

A classic spot, the gazebo is perfect for studying or even just clearing your head. It can be easily accessed through doors right across from the Student Center Theater, and it’s great for those who enjoy moving around while studying. Also, since it’s located right in the student center, you can easily grab a bite or a coffee whenever you need it!

Well, there you have it! I hope these study spots help you to further succeed and maybe not feel as stressed out as you would studying in the library. Good luck on finals, and happy studying!

Katie Pericak

Hofstra '21

Katie is a B.F.A. Theatre Arts Performance major with a Journalism minor at Hofstra University! Along with being a writer for Her Campus, Katie also enjoys crime TV shows, nutella, and naps. She is also still mourning the break-up of One Direction. If anyone knows of any good vegan restaurants anywhere, please let her know ASAP.
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