5 Netflix Shows You’ve Been Sleeping On

Wake up!! Make sure to watch these five amazing Netflix shows over winter break. No excuses, we get a month off - the perfect amount of time for finding a new binge-worthy show. While Gossip Girl and The Office are constantly being brought up, take a chance on these lesser-noticed gems and let your friends know about them too!


Black Mirror

Aujourd'hui je vous propose de découvrir ▶️ BLACK MIRROR ◀️ Série originale Netflix, pas assez connu à mon goût. J'ai découvert cette série cet été et ça a été MA découverte de l'année. Cette série est un petit spéciale puisqu'en effet les épisode n'ont aucun rapport les uns avec les autres... Il n'y a pas d'histoire si vous voulez, chaque épisode est un mini film et raconte une histoire différente. Mais il y a quand même un point commun à tout ces épisodes... La technologie et plus particulièrement les propables futures innovations technologique comme par exemple des lentilles de contact ou tu peux avoir accès à tes souvenirs pour les revoir quand tu veux, ou encore des applications ou tu peux noter les gens en direct... Vous voyez le genre.. En bref, cette série se veux "anti-innovation technologique" puisqu'elle nous montre les aspects dark de chacun d'entre nous, d'où le nom "black mirror". Dans chaque épisode tu te demandes "j'aurais fais quoi à sa place ?". #BlackMirror retourne le cerveau complètement !! 😀 Note : 🔟 / 🔟 #Netflix #serie

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A contemporary version of The Twilight Zone, Black Mirror is a Netflix series that teaches viewers important lessons about the dangerous effects of a world that relies on technology. Each episode has a different story that takes place in the same universe. This series will have you constantly wanting more. Good news, a new season is coming to Netflix December 29th, so get watching!



Mindhunter is a show that all Criminal Minds fans must watch. The show follows two FBI agents that try to solve murder cases by interviewing famous serial killers. This series incorporates genres like thriller, comedy, drama, romance, and horror all into one. It is definitely a show you need to watch ASAP.



LOVE is a great show to watch when you want to laugh and cry. The Netflix Original Series follows the relationship of a nerdy-loving guy and his new wild girlfriend. Although they are polar opposites, their relationship blossoms in many unique ways. If you are avoiding horror and mystery, LOVE is a perfect show for you.


Lockup: State Prisons

Love this series #lockup #netflix #prisonbreak

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If you are into shows like Cops, check out Lockup: State Prisons. The documentary-style series lets audiences get a look at the toughest, scariest, inmates. The series showcases the treatment of men and women in maximum security prisons, and also lets inmates speak to cameras and share their stories. This series is very eye-opening and definitely one you should add to your list.


The Good Place

We're bursting the bubble! 🎈🌵 #TheGoodPlace

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The Good Place is a hilariously funny show with a dark twist. What happens after we die? The Good Place is a universe that is far more amazing than the world we live in: a universe built for the best of the best people. The only problem is, Eleanor doesn't deserve to be there. Throughout the episodes, Eleanor tries to figure out why she is in The Good Place, and how she can stay there. This is a light-hearted comedy that is a great watch.

So grab your blanket, pop that popcorn, and get watching! Sometimes the hidden gems are even better than the most popular shows on Netflix!


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