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5 instrumental playlists to set the mood

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hofstra chapter.

If studying to music with words is too distracting, or you’re looking for the perfect playlist to serve as the soundtrack to your life, we’ve compiled some of our favorite Spotify playlists to help you out.

From upbeat vibes to chill, there are a ton of different atmospheres that you can create with these unique playlists.

Next time you’re taking a walk or sitting in the library, cue up one of these to help you in all your endeavors.

“mario kart study music”

These funky electronic sounds are the perfect background music if you’re rushing to get something done. Gaming music is often written with the intent to help you concentrate– but what makes this playlist even better than the average upbeat playlist is that it’s also nostalgic. All of these tracks are taken from Nintendo’s various Mario Kart games and might conjure old memories of playing the Wii with friends.

Be careful, though… it might make you feel a little panicky while you’re working.

“Beauty and the Beast library vibes”

Channel your best and most studious energy and study to this fairytale-esque playlist inspired by Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast.” While it doesn’t have any recognizable tunes from the movie, sometimes you just need to be inspired by old childhood characters to lock into a focused mindset.

This quiet, pensive soundtrack is perfect if you want to curl up and read a book, just like Belle would.

“villains… but make it instrumental”

Have you been betrayed by someone and looking to plot your revenge? Are you hot girl walking your way to confronting a bitter rival? Look no further than this edgy assortment of tense, dramatic instrumentals to get you in the mood. From angsty violin solos to hard drum beats, it will be easy for you to imagine conquering your most despised enemies…

“Romantic Film scores”

For those in a less cynical, more romantic mood, here are some of the best romantic themes from popular movie soundtracks. Sometimes, nothing beats a sweeping, majestic musical tribute to love… Whether you’re picturing your future with your S.O., reading a romantic novel or just love film music, this playlist has something for everyone.

medieval lo-fi – fantasy lo-fi music”

We’ve all heard of lo-fi girl, but let’s be honest, sometimes it can feel like we’ve heard all the lo-fi songs there are to offer. To shake things up, here’s a medieval-themed lo-fi playlist that might keep your interest and inspire you in new ways. Though it’s not distractingly old-feeling, some of the themes feel distinctly new in ways that might refresh your lo-fi aesthetic.

Though these playlists only skim the surface of what Spotify has to offer, try them out. You might be surprised at how background music can change your mood and set the stage for whatever you’re working on.

Don’t be afraid to search for moods, either– sometimes the best finds can be found when you’re exploring your own musical interests, instead of letting the Spotify home page do all the lifting.

Anna DeGoede

Hofstra '24

Anna is a journalism major with a passion for true crime, Minecraft and good food. When she isn't writing for HerCampus or The Hofstra Chronicle, Anna plays the trumpet and crochets.