5 Halloween Costume Ideas for Women of Color

Halloween can be a tricky time of year when deciding what your costume to be. Especially if you want to go as your favorite character from Clueless, but don't have the blonde hair like Cher Horowitz. Which leads everyone to ask if you are a school girl, which is awkward. Luckily, we at Her Campus Hofstra have compiled of a list of super cute and unique costume ideas that no one will ever question you about!

  1. 1. Jennifer Lopez 

    There is nothing that brings the Y2K style back like an all white, simple and comfortable J-Lo costume! If you want to do something more sexy for halloween, but still want to be J-Lo, you could do her famous Green Versace dress from the Grammy's in 2000.

  2. 2. Aaliyah

    If you are trying to kick it back even more old school, Aaliyah is the perfect fit for you. The R&B singer from the 90s would be an amazing choice for a casual, but glamorous look. This look is so sleek that Kim Kardashian was Aaliyah for Halloween in 2017. 

  3. 3. Cardi B

    Cardi B is known for rocking 2020 and making history with her catchy, female empowering music. What she is also known for is her extreme use of bright colors. If you dress as Cardi B for Halloween, you are guarenteed to be noticed by everyone.

  4. 4. The Euphoria cast

    The award winning show Euphoria has recently become an obsession because of the shows love for theatrics, glitter and Jacob Elordi. Even better, the cast is very diverse and easy to portray for a cute halloween costume involving a lot of sparkles and shimmery makeup. This is also has the potential for a great group costume.

  5. 5. Beyonce

    To finish off strong, of course we had to mention Queen B herself. She is a powerful icon and anyone who dresses as her for Halloween will be just as powerful. Make sure to wear all red, and pair it with your biggest sunglasses and walk in like you own the place. You got this!

All of these costumes are bound to make you the star of Halloween without all the questions about who you are dressed as. Not to mention, they are super easy to make and even more comfortable to wear.