5 Clothing Apps You Should Try Out

Clothing apps are essential to have on your phone, especially during the holiday season.  Whether you’re buying secondhand clothing or discounted designer items, these five apps will be your best friend.


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One of the most popular and convenient clothing apps is Poshmark. Poshmark is an app where you can buy and sell any of your clothing items, accessories or even makeup.  With this app, you can make money selling your old items or spend less money on name-brand clothing.


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Another app that is crucial for you to have on your phone is the Amazon app. Although this sounds obvious, I know a lot of people who forget that Amazon sells clothes; and cute ones at that! I love searching for cheaper clothing items on Amazon, it is definitely underrated.  When you’re a student, you can sign up and get a free six months of Amazon Prime. With Prime, you can get free same-day shipping on specific items, free two-day shipping and special student discounts on specific items. 


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ShopStyle is another amazing app for fashion lovers.  With this app, you can search through various brands and items to find exactly what you’re looking for.  You can also refine your searches to sort through your favorite brands and compare prices.  You also get alerts when there are special discounts on items and brands that you love, and you can even create a wishlist on the app to keep track of the things you NEED in your life.


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Shopbop is an app similar to Shopstyle, but is still amazing.  This app also allows you to search through various different brands in order to find what you’re searching for. You can also track your favorites by clicking on the heart icon on the items you love.  With this app, you can also get free shipping when you have an Amazon Prime account.


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Last but not least is my favorite clothing app of all time. Depop is seriously the best clothing app I have ever used! You can buy used and new clothing from various sellers on the app from the US or abroad, or you can sell your own items! Many people on the site design their own clothes, or thrift various items and remake them into something unique and trendy.  I love this app because I can purchase one of a kind items and I can buy from people who actually need the money. I also use this app to find old designer clothing for a lower cost, I once bought Tory Burch sneakers for $200 less than the original price!  Depop is an amazing app that you definitely need in your life!


I hope this persuades you to download one of these apps!  These apps are super useful especially during the holidays and I highly recommend you download them ASAP! Whether you're using them to buy unique remade clothing, or searching for resold Gucci shoes, you NEED at least one in your life, I promise.