5 Celebs to Dress Up as for Halloween

Halloween feels as though it is moments away. Even so, finding a good Halloween costume can be tough on a college budget, as costumes are becoming more expensive by the day. Luckily, there are some great costumes you can find in your own closet or simply without buying expensive ensembles that you'll only use one time. Without further ado, here are five celebrities you can dress up as for Halloween without breaking the bank!

  1. 1. Noah Centineo

    Noah Centineo is a fairly easy person to dress up as for Halloween. With a penchant for wearing sweaters incorrectly, Noah Centineo's typical outfit choice can most definitely be found in your closet.

    What You Need:

    -A fitted or oversized t-shirt.

    - A sweater (that you wear around your neck at all times)

    With those two pieces, you're good to go be the Peter Kavinsky of our hearts.

  2. 2. Taylor Swift

    To be Taylor Swift this Halloween, I would highly suggest being her on the Lover album art. It's simple and refined, to the point that anyone can pull it off, not just Taylor.

    What You Need:

    - A White Shirt

    - Eyeshadow or pink, glittery lipstick to draw the heart around her eye: for the perfect glittery heart, I recommend Nyx Foil Play Cream Pigment in Booming or French Macaron

  3. 3. Camila Cabello

    Camilla Cabello recently released the music video to her new single, Liar. While within watching it you can find some amazing outfit inspo, my particular favorite is Camila rushing out of the burning house.

    What You Need:

    - A long camisole dress

    - A robe

    - Slippers

    - Black eyeshadow: if you blend small bits of black eyeshadow, you'll be able to replicate her makeup from the music video

    - Teased hair: with a bit of hairspray and comb, you can look just as frazzled as Camila does in her music video.

  4. 4. Kristen Stewart

    Kristen Stewart is one of the suavest people in Hollywood right now. While her pale Twilight look is certainly memorable, she has taken on a more relaxed look in her daily life and her new movie, Charlie's Angels

    What You Need:

    - A Wicked Cat Eye

    - A Floral or Landscape Button Up (Miami Vice Style) or Athleisure Wear

    With those two things, you're all set to be Kristen Stewart for Halloween without breaking the bank. 

  5. 5. Rihanna

    While no one can live up to the ICON status of Rihanna, on Halloween, we can surely try. Luckily, Rihanna has some outfit choices that won't break our bank if we try to replicate it.

    What You Need:

    -Gray Cropped Sweater with a Matching Skirt

    - Ankle bracelet

    - Heels

    - Clear Sunglasses

Whether you all go thrifting or to a cheap clothes store for these outfits, I hope you all have a great and safe Halloween. Now go on and rock these outfits!