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4 Tips to Start Your Semester Off Right

The best part of a semester, in my opinion, is the fresh start you get with nearly everything. You can forget about last semester's grades and start with a clean slate. To put your best foot forward, there are a few things you can do to prepare yourself for a good semester.

Organize your planner

I am a planner LOVER, and with every semester I think of it as an excuse to buy a new planner. I use mine constantly, and it travels everywhere with me so it takes a beating. A fresh start in a brand new planner is key to keeping you organized all semester. Color code your classes, as soon as you get a syllabus put your exam and paper dates in, and prepare for success.

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Pro tip: Use the Pilot Frixon Pens in your planner. They are perfectly erasable for when your professor changes any due dates and if you use the same pen throughout your planner it will look so much more organized! Shop them. https://www.target.com/p/pilot-174-erasable-and-retractable-roller-gel-p...|adaptpdph1|related_prods_vv|adaptpdph1|15025229|0

Splurge on some new supplies

I am a true believer in “look good feel good” and “dress for success” and who says that can’t apply to your notebooks? New semesters mean new notebooks, folders and binders. Spend an extra few dollars on folders that are more durable and will last all semester, and yes the glitter folders are worth the extra $.89! College ruled notebooks aren’t always cute, but decorate them with scrapbook stickers from Michaels. One of my favorite ways to personalize binders is to print my class schedule out, slip it into the front of the binder, and pop some Polaroids in the back. 

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Pro tip: If you buy your supplies in a theme (all white and gold, or all black, all one designer) they will look so chic and make you even more inspired to do well!

Deep Clean your Dorm Room

Studies show a clean space is a more productive space. Spend a few hours before the semester starts and clean everything. Wash the floors (because you won’t do it again until the next semester), wash your bedding, clear off any surfaces and do a general de-clutter. This includes selling last semester's textbooks, recycling the old syllabi and notebooks, and throwing out any broken pens. If your living space is fresh and clean, you will be more productive during those long study sessions.

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Pro tip: Lysol wipes are a savior! It is flu season, and there are a million germs around. They are perfect for a quick wipe down once a week, keeping you healthy all semester long!

Be present and try new things

You can’t succeed if you don’t show up, so start your semester strong in the easiest way: Show up to class! If you start skipping class even just a few weeks in, you will be less likely to go the rest of the semester and before you know it, you haven’t shown up in 2 weeks and you missed an exam. Go to class, be engaged and don't be scared to try new things! My first week of Fall semester I tried a yoga class for the first time, and it propelled me to success for the rest of the semester. You never know what will relieve your stress and lead you to success if you don’t try new things!"

Pro tip: If you want to start forming a new habit, now is the time. If your resolution was to workout more, add it to your schedule now and build it into your new semester schedule. It takes 21 days to form a habit so before your first exam you could be well on your way to New Year's resolution success, but if you put it off for the first few weeks you will probably never go! 

With these tips we wish you a productive and successful Spring semester! 

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