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3 Easter Brunch Outfits

As most of you know spring break is right around the corner and with spring break comes Easter! Here are some cute Easter brunch outfits that are sure to turn heads:

1. Bright and Colorful

If you’re feeling bold this Easter, you can wear a bright-colored dress and a statement necklace with a pair of colorful heels.

2. Elegant and Sophisticated

If you are someone that likes to dress up on Easter then this is the look for you! This is the perfect mix of elegant and sophisticated. A white midi dress will look good on every body type. A pink blazer and a matching purse ties the look together and adds a pop of color.

3. Cute and Comfortable

For a more comfortable look, you can wear a dark-washed or black boyfriend jeans. Instead of wearing heels you can wear wedges, which are a lot more comfortable and easier to walk in.

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My names Taylor. I'm a Communications/Music Industry student. I'm a born and raised New Yorker living in Boston. I love fashion, music, and all things pop culture.
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