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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hofstra chapter.

When you’re a celebrity the spotlight is always on you and the expectations for you are set high. People follow you everywhere—social media, paparazzi, etc. It’s no surprise that in the entertainment business you need to have thick skin. These three celebrity comedians are not only hilarious, but they also know how to create change and motivate us, as we follow along with their journey. 

Photo courtesy of Pixabay


Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen Degeneres is one of America’s most well-known comedians. She has an empire. Ellen is a role model for the LGBT community and has inspired more than you can imagine. As a comedian in the business, it can be tough to be taken seriously, but she takes on any challenge to help those who need it the most. And, no big deal, but Ellen was honored the Medal of Freedom by former President Obama! She continues to surprise her fans every day. 


Amy Schumer

A stand-up comedian and actress, she is very open about everything and isn’t afraid to show it. She touches topics like sex, relationships, and gender inequality. She encourages other to go after what they love. After the tragic attack in Louisiana during her movie Trainwreck, Schumer was determined to create change. In 2015, she looked to push for new gun control legislation on Capitol Hill. 


Leslie Jones

A comedian and actress, known for her role on Saturday Night Live, Leslie Jones had insecurities as a young woman. She knew that being tall (6 feet) wasn’t going to inspire people to hire her, but she embraced her image and found a way to take advantage of it. As confident and strong-willed, her comedic start wasn’t all glitz and glamor. She failed several times, but that didn’t stop her. She was focused and determined. She became the first African-American to appear on a late night comedic segment. 


As a woman in the entertainment industry, things can be rough. You are expected to follow the rules of show business and it can be cruel at times. These three independent, confident, and business savvy women are great role models. They have been through a lot but never let it break them. They stay true to who they are. It’s important for women to work together to help, encourage, and support one another in today’s world.