2018 Fall Shoe Guide

You want to be as stylish as possible, no matter the season. However, it can often be difficult to always be on top of trends if there is no time in you schedule to do a little research. Luckily, some of the shoes that are on trend this fall are repeats of previous seasons (and previous decades), so it’s likely you or your mom may still have them lying around. Here are the biggest shoe styles for fall 2018 – explained.


Combat Shoes



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Ready to fight back this fall? Combat shoes, such as Doc Martins are still popular among fall styles and aren’t going anywhere. These shoes are quickly becoming a style staple and can be worn with virtually any clothing. If you want to add an edge to any look, these shoes are a go-to.



Mules were a major trend of 2018 and aren’t stopping once the leaves start falling. Whether they be heels, flats or anything in between, mules are backless, and essentially fancy slippers. If you want to dress up a casual look but don’t want to put in too much efforts, mules always looks professional and classy, elevating any look instantly.


“Ugly” Sneakers



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As misleading as the name may be, these sneakers are very unique and only for the brave of heart. Often seen paired with casual clothing, or even dresses, these bulky shoes are coming into fall fashion with no regrets. If you’re unsure of whether or not you can pull them off, start with white and move on to more colorful pairs when you get more comfortable in them.





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Forget warm fall hues – colors are not stopping just because the warm weather does. In fact, shoes that are bold, bright colors are in now – yes, even in the fall. Royal blue, neon tones, yellow, orange and red take center stage with shoes this season to draw attention and point the focus point all the way down to your toes.


80’s Ankle Boots



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As if 1980’s style wasn’t having a prominent enough revival already, we have a new addition to the styles that have been brought back for the fall season this year. Ankle boots are given a lift with these sleek, pointed heels, which generally come in bright colors and elevate anything that you decide to throw on that day.


Western Boots



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Not only are we giving fashion an 80’s revamp, we’re also stealing some style elements from the wild, wild west. Ankle boots have been in style for awhile now, but this fall, embellishment and western influence puts a spin on the boots we already love so dearly.


Animal Print



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As much as we tried to avoid it, animal print is back and better than ever, and it isn’t stopping at fabric. Leopard and zebra print, along with scaly faux snake skin on shoes is growing ever-popular. Don’t be surprised if you start seeing cow-patterned shoes on the runways at some point either.


Block Heel


Block heels were the perfect addition to summer heels and sandals, adding a sweet, manageable elevation to the otherwise flat shoe (literally). Not only do they provide more support and allow you to walk in them, they are usually small, adding just the slightest height increase to raise your confidence. Catch this heel style on boots, mules and most other shoes styles this fall.


Brown Over Black



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Black shoes tend to be the staple, and they “go with everything,” but this is no longer the case. Brown and beige shoes are taking over the runway, growing more popular than the traditional black shoes of any style. Luckily, fall is the perfect time for brown-neutral tones, so don’t panic: this is the perfect season to experiment.



We’re used to the rounded and pointed fronts of boots, heels, sandals and everything in between, but shoes are stepping outside the box. Square-toe, boxier shoe styles are being welcomed with open arms this fall, so say goodbye to the classics. These shoes, regardless of their specific styles are all over the place, so it’s about time to pick up a pair.


Not only is fashion always recycled, some trends will continue for many seasons, which means that you don’t necessarily have to buy new shoes every few months (though it doesn’t mean you can’t). Dig through your mom’s closet or head over to your local thrift shop to pick up a revived trendy shoe, or buy a new pair that is sure to add some (pumpkin) spice to any outfit.