16 Artists You Need to Add to Your Playlist RN

With a new year comes a lot of changes, one of which should include a new playlist. Some people like one genre, some like all of them, but here are some funky newer artists to dance around to.

For the Indie pop lovers


‪deluxe version of co.yh will be out in a week  tour starts in a week ‬

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This relatively new band on the scene mixes innocent electronica with new wave rock to create a dreamy production. Each of their songs involves catchy choruses, graceful vocals, and complex, soft sounds that’ll make you want to dance on the street. Check out their newest album, ‘come out. you're hiding.’ And their newest single, ‘rely.’



YouTube star dodie already captured our hearts with her quirky-yet-adorable attitude and tutorials, but now she’s here with original music. Her funky lyrics and delicate voice combine to create a playful song to jazz up anyone’s playlist. Check out her newest EP, ‘You’, and her newest single, ‘Party Tattoos.’



Mandy Lee’s powerful, unique voice accompanied by fun, poppy music that seems to change up with every song they put out. Ever since the beginning of their career, they’ve continuously release masterpieces about life’s moments and everything in between. (Also, their concerts are the most fun, energetic ones I’ve ever been to.) Check out her sophomore album, ‘Connect the Dots’, and her newest single, ‘Never Give up on Me.’


For the Americana Anthems Lovers


Paradise BTS @alexedensmith

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George Ezra

For the old souls reading, George Ezra’s hauntingly deep voice and vintage sounds make any soul bop their head to his music. Just releasing his new single ‘Paradise’ this year, it seems 2018 will be blessed with more of his soulful jams. Check out his newest single, ‘Paradise.’


Nicole Atkins

A theatrical voice and sophisticated undertones aren’t the only qualities that define Nicole Atkins unique artistic expression. Each song encompasses every listener in moving stories all throughout her life, and her newest album only takes us further down the rabbit hole. Check out her newest album, ‘Goodnight Rhonda Lee.’


For the Rockers at heart


Marika Hackman

One genre alone can’t describe Hackman’s beautiful and unique. It’s breathtakingly delicate yet blunt with lyrics to amplify her voice. I’ve been in love with her since she released acoustic versions from her first album. It’s about time another Cinderella story happened with this indie rock star in the making. Check out her newest album, ‘I’m not Your Man.’


Cheetah Tongue //  // 17.01.18

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The Wombats

Fifteen years later, the Wombats have come around time and time again with brilliant hit songs that make everyone burst into dance and song. The band has a knack for coming out with explosive, energetic songs to indulge yourself in, and their newest songs just keep it going. Check out their newest singles, ‘Turn’ and 'Cheetah Tongue.'


For the Folk-loving Fairy


Spinnin some new vinyl today. Get your ears on #Phox. Good, good stuff.

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Phox is almost like vintage voice meets classical sounds to make a band full of slow, intriguing melodies. Their songs are more than an anthemic fad of the week, they’re subtly effective in their niche. This is the kind of band you groove to in your room at 3 AM, or maybe that’s just me. While they are on hiatus, that doesn’t mean you need to stop dancing to their jams. Check out their self-titled album, ‘PHOX’


Aug 25th...

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Iron and Wine

Imagine going on a morning drive through the country, tapping your feet to soft acoustic beats playing in the background - Iron and Wine is the band made for those days. Mixing warm instrumental and moving, romantic lyrics, this band continues to put out moving songs you’d want to drive around the world with. Check out their new album, ‘Beast Epic.’


For the Psychedelic Psychos


Imelda May

Sensational, awe-inspiring, raw vocals and psychedelic, jazz musical takes makeup May. Imagine an opening scene in a film noir, where the femme fatale comes in - the first song playing in the background should be any jam by rockabilly star, Imelda May. Check out her newest album, ‘Life Love Flesh Blood.’


o u t n o w

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Toro y Moi

A new discovery on my playlist that quickly became a staple for any day. Moi has a mix of synthetic tones and 80s vibes create an ambient, fresh sound. While this artist is more on the calm side of the psychedelic spectrum, that doesn’t stop him from creating surrealistic masterpieces. Check out his newest album, ‘Boo Boo.’


For the Electronica Hearts


SURPRISE! We have a new song out today called Oceans. We couldn't wait to share it with you guys. It's out via all streaming services and digital stores on Sept 1st and the link is in our bio. Oceans was born from a conversation we had about Táhirih, a 19th century woman who fought and died for the emancipation of women in Iran. It led us to think about the daily sacrifices that women make in the fight for equality and we wanted to write a song about carrying that weight and thriving in spite of it. As Oceans formed, it became both a celebration and an expression of admiration for those figures in our lives and in history that are examples of this. As always, we are so grateful for your support! Love from your friends, David and Parissa.

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Vallis Alps

The electronic music duo is a group I haven’t encountered before. Having just released EPs, they’ve already made their name with an ethereal, beautiful effect and lingering vocals that leave you with goosebumps. Check out their new album, ‘Fable’ and new singles, ‘Oceans’ and ‘So Settled.’


London Grammar

This British trio mixes electronica and soulful melodies to create a distinctive sound that makes you wanna belt your heart out and sit to contemplate the meaning of life. Lead singer Hannah Reid’s deep, mystifying voice will grab you, and the calming beats will make you stay. Check out their sophomore album, ‘Truth is a Beautiful Thing.’


For the Alternative Angel


Fickle Friends

A favorite of mine. Fickle Friends is a band that combines catchy, poppy dance music mixed with alternative edges in albums full of mischief and fun. Whenever you dance around your room, needing a new anthem - this band is perfect for anyone needing to let loose and move. Check out their newest singles, ‘Swim’ and ‘Hard to be Myself.’


this friday...

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Sexual, eerie undertones with alternative hip-hop nuances and rock n roll vibes throughout makes K.Flay a favorite with anyone who likes the more edgy side of the music spectrum. If you’re in the mood to listen to some offbeat, eclectic rock music - look no further. Check out her newest album, ‘Every Where is Somewhere.’


FreeTown Sound coming soon

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Blood Orange

Some songs are vintage, choral vibes with slam poetry mixed throughout, and then some are empowering, dreamy anthems - Blood Orange continues to keep you on your toes in every sense of the phrase. If you’re looking for a new age musical style, you've found the one. Check out the album, ‘Freetown Sound.’


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