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13 Tall Girl Problems


For those of us who seem to be the less graceful stepsister of a supermodel: let’s face it, we may look similar physically but for some reason our lives seem a lot more awkward and problematic than theirs. You are not alone! Here are 13 tall girl problems that women-of-length face:

1. Hofstra’s twin XL beds still aren’t long enough which cause your legs to hang over or be pretty close to the edge.

2. Having a bunch of short friends always makes you look like a giant.

3. Your skirt really isn’t all that short, your legs are just long.

4. Long car rides cause your legs to cramp up, short rides too.

5. Finding a guy that is taller than you even when you wear heels is a great task.

6. Slow dancing at prom was weird.

7. Accidentally playing footsie with the person sitting across the table from you.

8.The dreadful question, “how tall are you?”

9. When you actually do find a guy who is relatively taller than you, he seems to gravitate more towards the short and petite girls. UNFAIR!

10. Blankets are never long enough. There is no way your feet and arms will both be covered unless you curl up in a ball.

11. Full length mirrors are usually never full length.

12. You have been nominated as the human ladder. If it’s up high enough there is a chance you’ll always be asked to reach for something.

13. When people ask if you are a model. But let’s face it, when is that ever a problem?

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