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10 ways to celebrate the fall season

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hofstra chapter.

We at Her Campus Hofstra are so excited to celebrate the fall season! With places opening up as we slowly return to normal, there are plenty of activities available for this spooky season. It’s #sweaterweather time! Here’s a list of 10 things you can do:

Carve some pumpkins

Nothing screams festive more than some jack-o-lanterns! Grab your tools and get creative. Whether your etching a smiley face or the Mona Lisa, they make for the perfect yard decorations in the background of your Instagram pictures.

Go for a hay ride

Get around in style! Take the scenic root and enjoy the cool temperatures while they last for a casual day at the pumpkin patch with your friends.

Try the fall Starbucks drinks

It’s PSL time! If you want to switch things up, try the new “Pumpkin Spice Cold Brew” and the “Apple Crisp” macchiato drinks.

Watch a spooky movie

Halloweentown anyone? Now’s the perfect time to also watch Hocus Pocus as we patiently wait for the sequel.

Go apple picking

As long as you don’t take any from evil queens, pick a bunch and indulge in some apple cider and candy apples.

Apple Orchard Girl Picking Apples
Alex Frank / Spoon
Do a group Halloween costume

Take inspiration from your favorite movies and shows old or new and grab your friends for some creative looks. From Squid Games, to Poke Trainers, to the Pixie Hollow fairies, you are sure to be the bells of the (boo) ball!

Go fall clothes shopping

It’s time for a cozy wardrobe photoshoot! Make sure to load up on fuzzy sweaters, boots, and plaid pieces.

Swap your makeup

Whip out the dark eyeshadow, bold eyebrows,and brown glosses. Kylie Jenner’s got nothing on you!

GO darker With your hair

Taking “dark like my soul” to a whole new level.

Try making fall treats

Pumpkin pies and apple desserts are sure to put you in the fall mood this year.

There are so many great fall things to do, and everyone should take some time and enjoy the change in weather with some friends!

Sarah Ng

Hofstra '25

Sarah is from Queens, New York and currently a sophomore journalism major at Hofstra University. Aside from Hofstra's HC chapter, she is also a field reporter for Hofstra Today, and contributes to the Hofstra Chronicle.