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10 Things You Missed About Hofstra

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hofstra chapter.

1. The Random Artistic Outbreaks

This isn’t an art school, but we have a lot of artsy people here and one plus of that is that there is a lot of entertainment. Anyone up to watch a modern class on the unispan??


2. Dutch Runs

After pulling an all nighter studying or at the bar there is nothing better than spending $100 dollars on junk food.


3. Getting Free Things

Being in college makes you frugal when it comes to things, so when they are giving out free Monster or Victoria Secret underwear you take it.


4. The Tulips

They are beautiful but unless you want a fine don’t touch them.


5. Fall Fest

Our version of Homecoming is better than most schools. Throw back to eighth grade with Luda coming!


6. The Unispan

Strutting yourself on the unispan to class is always fun. Also, seeing the freshmen not wanting to make eye contact.


7. The Bars

Where else can you get a small vodka cranberry for $8?


8. The Hofcats

You love seeing them roam around the campus and you know you want to pet them (and maybe sneak them into your dorm!).


9. The Campus

Seriously though? WHY ARE YOU SO PRETTY!?


10. Your Friends

When it all boils down to it your friends are what you want to see the most after summer break. Getting back together and in the swing of things is what we all missed the most.



Hey! I'm Marialena Rago from Philadelphia, PA. I am a junior journalism major and drama minor at Hofstra University. Alittle bit about me: I am a huge theatre fan...like crazy huge! I have my own theatre blog where I write about theatre and Broadway! If you are intrested check it out breatheinsingout.wordpress.com. I also write for a mazagine back home in South Philly where I am their theatre geek. So to say I love theatre is bit of an understatement! I have an English Bulldog named Winston who I love dearly. I am also a huge Audrey Hepburn fan! I read and write almost everyday...or I try to at least! Can't wait to get started writing for Her Campus as well! :D  
MN native navigating NY one selfie at a time. Senior Journalism student at Hofstra University and current HC Chapter Advisor.